President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Industry Executives on Reopening


The White House


  1. George Soros is not untouchable. How about sending some of those mercenaries to deal with him. And if the US military have to properly deal with the paid and unpaid idiots rioting around the country, that is most welcome. They spray painted the WWII memorial in DC. My grandfather was a radio carrier in that war. My mom’s husband was the guy handling the machine gun in the helicopter, he was responsible for rescuing his fellow soldiers.

    The antifa losers need to be removed altogether. If they continue, then we will assist to help the Secret Service people in protecting President Trump and the WH. But eliminating Soros is mandatory.

  2. (1) Trump said the U.S. would stop buying Chinese stocks with American Pension money.
    (2) Then. China will sell the U.S. government bonds as a countermeasure.
    (3) As a result, the U.S. will be forced to decrease its National Budget, will be forced to decrease its Domestic Demand, and will be forced to pay back its debts.
    (4) As a result, the U.S. will have trade surplus and current account surplus. And, the U.S. will be a creditor nation.

    Yes. Do it now.
    Oh, by the way, in the 1990s, even Japanes Premier Ryutaro Hashimoto too said that Japan would sell out American Bonds.
    Yes. Do it now.

    The U.S. is buying Aircraft Carriers with Chinese Money, Japanese Money and Germany Money.

    The U.S. must tighten its monetary-policy now!
    The U.S. must contract its domestic-demand now!
    The U.S. must have trade-surplus and current-account-surplus now!
    The U.S. must be creditor-nation now!

    The U.S. must return to the gold standard now!
    The U.S. must adopt the gold standard again now!
    The U.S. must take Monroe Doctrine now.
    The U.S. must withdraw all American-Forces from all foreign-lands now!
    The U.S. must decrease its military-budget to $100-billion per year now!

  3. NOTICE: President Trump, George’s dead needs to be looked into and by corrupted FBI agents. That police finance and communications for the last three years needs to be looked into too. I think he’s paid off to start a coup. Looked into the organised riots and their financiers, George Soros and Democrats are involved in this and more will come. I have never been to America and yet ……. am So super stressed and drained about all of this. This is PLANNED! Attack on the White House it’s a bought coordinated riots because all their other HOAXS failed. President, Pls override the states and shut this war down now .🤦🏿‍♀️🇳🇬

  4. @SOSOTUS @EricTrump Hope the Pentagon gets these Troops mobilized very quickly. Additionally, why is there not Water Canon’s, LRAD’s, Stingball Grenades equipment being used? Also consider bulk (potent) pepper spray/OC/MACE solution to be loaded onto fire helicopters/planes to be dumped (showered) on the crowds?? Perhaps the Forest Service aircraft, Air Force, and Air National Guard could also dump these irritating solutions on the crowds. Hope they have umbrellas for the strafing runs…

  5. I love our great president, but I wish he would stop saying our economy was the best in history because it is not true. Yes, he is learning that our free market and communism are not compatible, (which is why he will not be able to make a USA favorable trade deal with china), but the fact is, there is so much government intervention in almost all of the industries that free people built, and still have an education system with USA doing poorly in Math, Reading proper non-political Science the teaching of the kids liberty, that the man from modest means can no longer compete. Even in the future, if anybody remembers, when “The roaring 20’s” is mentioned, it will be known to be the 1920’s, not the 2020’s. RIP Preston Thomas Tucker, who showed us the beginning of the end of real competition, real opportunity in the USA.

  6. Most of the leading “vaccines” for COVID-19 contain aborted fetal tissues and cells, like Moderna and Johnson & Johnson! Wake up, people!

  7. Keep the business people, fire the baby sitters. Please, do not worry about my health until I get into a hospital. That is your responsibility. My life is my responsibility, not yours. Thank you.

  8. Hey Hasbro: Please bring back “The Erector Set” so our children can learn how to build or rebuild our infrastructure. 🙂

  9. To the business CEO’s. You are mistaken to say “You serve the community”. That is not true. There are thousands of examples through out the USA that prove that is a false premise. I will use Amway in ADA Michigan as an example, (home of Betsy DeVos). When Amway first put their factory in Ada, there was not much of a community at all of ADA or Lowell, (but Grand Rapids is very close). If you put your factory in the middle of nowhere, you will create a community, as people will move there to earn money, so they can serve themselves in both a job, and opportunity to start their own business, (most business owners worked for somebody else before they started their own business). You do not provide a service to anybody but your customers, (and that still, is a business deal). What you did was offer opportunity to anybody who wished to serve them selves. You are not our slaves, you are our opportunity, and you are Hero’s who create more Hero’s. Thank you.

  10. Harmenasion’s thowout these AIR lines & Reopening of GLOBLE FACTORY & GLOBALE “LIFESTYLE’s”…….😳!!

  11. I fully support you Mr. President! On that note… Anyone know where one can buy reasonable 100% American made and sourced ice cube trays? You’d think that’d be a simple find, but Google hides American made products and guides everyone to Amazon China knock off land. If anyone does know, verifiable US manufacturer websites only please. May sound silly, but just doing my part to support American industry one item at a time (and because items made elsewhere stink). God bless America! 🙂

  12. Prayers for the Floyd family. Please pray for unity as the protests continue.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏No one should EVER have to see a loved one die. Or die period. So wrong.

  13. God bless you President Trump for all you do for us and our great country. Voter ID and no mail in ballots. Keep America Great. Trump 2020.Amen.

  14. There is a lot more to the George Floyd case.
    It is a FF.
    6six6 on the rubbish bin
    Floyd and the cop worked together as bouncers.
    The cop was involved in a bombing.
    The cops neighbours didn’t know he was a cop.
    The emt guys didn’t act when they turned up.
    And many more irregularities…

  15. Donald the Dove! The biggest con job the world has ever known. You will never fix immigration as you ran on in 2016.

    You’re a fraud and a sellout to your base.

  16. They are Chem Trailing again. This is Contrary to Creation and will be held liable for COSMIC HIGH TREASON. Codex Galactica 4th Protocol of law of intervention now in operation and confederation Space around Mother Earth. God Bless you Donald J Trump and God Bless America WWG1WGA. Love you from heart of England GB. God Bless you All. We the people, Divine and Sovereign beings of the Cosmos. Positive Free will always. Love you All. Divine Blessings.

  17. Trump is a liar, sociopath, thief, coward and totally incompetent boob. His place in history as a malicious clown is secure.

  18. Best President ever! I don’t care about the left wing propaganda or the lies of the media, we need President Trump.

  19. Microsoft? The Gates Foundation had been funding Covid 19 research for a very long time. Years. It is NOT a coincidence! Gates and Soros are in bed together.

  20. Thank you Mr President for being open-minded enough to have these round tables which include business owners.

  21. I don’t understand why franchises that never closed got PPP. …? I hope smaller businesses got it! I never got the EIDL loan… I usually bring in 100,000. A year. Months now of Zero income Shutdown! NM.


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