President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Restaurant Executives and Industry Leaders


The White House


  1. Obama wouldn’t be able to do this coz he knows nothing about business. Come to think about it, he knows nothing except to sell out America.

  2. It would be interesting if businesses consider ramping up their insurance cover for the unforeseen like covid19. It is unfortunate, I agree, the impact this has on restaurants and businesses but I’m not sure whether tax payers should have their hard earned dollars helping them out as a norm. Besides, they are no doubt going to up their prices as efforts to recoup their losses, and who suffers in the end?? The tax payers because we’re the ones buying that food at those increased prices. Not a win for us is my opinion 🤷‍♀️

  3. Much love for Trump Administration 👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐

  4. Every body needs to have saved money to last them six months at least , then their we wouldn’t hear so much crying for money. The part time workers need  money as well as full time workers . People can’t get unemployment and being turned down. Sad state of affairs.  I know it can always be worse. Thanks for what has been dun .

  5. With all the crap Obama has done behind closed doors and to the American people, and on top of that, to the incoming POTUS is just scary and disturbing. I would have got rid of all IGs appointed by Obama.
    & now they want to try and investigate Pompeo on bogus. Thank you Trump I agree with the way you handled things

  6. Yes, during the Obama administration it was terrible!! & you had 2 groups of people. The one’s who listened to Obama’s words, and then watched his actions, therefore saw him for the nothing he was. Then the second group had their eyes shut the entire time.

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  8. Could we all please get a preview of the President’s meeting with a Governors, just for them to say hi and for us to see the nation unified?

    We don’t need the sensitive bits.

  9. 1,558,631 Trump virus cases and 92,258 Trump virus deaths and these figures will be very shortly skyrocket. The Great Again USA is still number 1 and the world is laughing.

  10. The Luciferian from Panera bread had to switch up on the fly when T-bone said 50-60% was good. He almost lost his saffron chicken. LOLOL….I am no political views guy but could you imagine any other president handling this speed bump any smoother. I think TRUMP and his money has actually been in control of things for longer than we know. After they took out Gaddafi he agreed to run they had to make it look like he would loose and it was a joke but those of us tht know the enemy knew he would win and now watch the family rise up. Remember the night you read this.

  11. The reporters in this conference COULD HAVE asked questions about the fucking restaurant business. That would have been nice.

  12. No more masks! We the people must take off the masks. The shame kills the soul. These people aren’t wearing masks. We take off the masks. No masks. No masks.

  13. May God, my Lord, continue to bless America and watch over my beloved President Donald Trump, his cabinet, and his entire family! 🙏✝️❤️🇺🇸🙏 My kids and I have been adding this line for President Trump to our nightly prayers and everyday. ❤️

  14. Here we go. It’s May 21st 2020 and the Nation and the World is gripped in Lock Down and Corona Virus SARS like pandemic, the economy is at a halt and Trump is deflecting blame from his and his administration’s lack of timely response on Everything and Everyone from the Chinese to the WHO to the CDC to his own Dr’s Fauci and Birx to the Liberal Media to Obama for not preparing an adequate agency response during Obama’s administration which is a direct conflict with what Obama did. Trump even threw out the 69 page directive for Pandemic response a complete Agency and Federal Government Program designed after the earlier SARS and MERS and Ebola epidemics from the early and mid 2000’s time period.
    Trump will be defeated in November, 2020 by VP J. BIden in a massive landslide.
    Trump will be the new RUSH LIMBAUGH relegated to some ultra-right wing bully pit like twitter or some TV show of his own creation where he will fester and fuss for the remainder of his bloated and pompous and aggregiously misinformed and fantastical imaginative world of Make America Great Again Propoganda rehash until the last few thousands of grieving White blue collar lower middle class and poor base constituency dies out by virtue of Demographic irrelevance sometime in 2026 to 2028.
    But as the Southerns stauchly say, “The South Will Rise Again?” Sure it will but it will be a new South, multicultural, multiracial, bilingual English and Spanish South. Sorry, vestiges of White Supremacy. Just move back into the woodwork and tattoo your children with hiddeous slogans of hate and bigotry.
    TheTimes are going to Change.
    Bob Dylan

  15. You also had ‘no doubt’ that President Obama wasn’t born in America – so we’ll take that with a grain of salt!

  16. Your ‘honourable’ AG mislead you and the country when he misrepresented the contents of the Mueller Report.

  17. Pompeo was also running lavish non diplomatic dinner evenings for prospective Republican donors on the Government dime – not kosher!

  18. Anecdotes are not Evidence – and then you pivot to unrelated matters??? Then diss a report – then your final ‘evidence is ‘what do you have to lose ‘??? – the same could be said for wearing masks – why not try that too?

    Dr. Fauci is said to have funded vaccines that injured BLACK KIDS under 3 yrs. old bc the RNA particularities.
    Look at video: “Coronavirus War Room Ep19” .
    The channel is by Dr. Cotrell.
    Listen at the 1:10:54 time stamp, where she describes , in medical terms,, EXACTLY WHY,


    Dr. Mikovits says IF (Interferon) and other medicines already exist to help, so vaccines is unecessary.and used against COVID have caused death.


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