President Trump Participates in a Roundtable


President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Industry Executives on the Plan for Opening Up America Again

The White House


  1. you pay attentiomn domedtic violence at home the reason why working staying at home for husband ,wife are prepare bleckfast,lunch,supper and care little children so likely to qwarral conduct based on love each other.
    kosuke Otani

  2. Thank you for the greatest POTUS and FLOTUS ever. Blessings and much love to our American friends from Essex England.

  3. The United States had regained its first place in the World Economy in the first 2 years of the Trump Administration, that the Democrats and Communist China did not like, and they falsely accused the President from before he won 2016, until March of this year , in which he was declared totally innocent, and Communist China had sent the biological attack to regain the first place they had bought in the Obama – Biden administration, in China there have not been so many cases because they were vaccinated, the Mossad had warned something of this in October of the year 2019, now the Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Newsom and other Democrats go out to help Communist China the enemy of the World today, it is a demonstration of the traitors and anti-Americans who are this dome of the Democratic Party, Communist China has Hollywood movie producers have companies in the US that work for the Chinese Communist government and spy on other companies in the US. TRUMP 2020,TRUMP-PENCE 2020

  4. A second round of stimulus checks are needed. We work in the tourist industry and I know you know how hard we are hit with this because you own resorts and golf courses. Even when we open back up work will be limited. Please consider a second round President Trump. Thank you

  5. Joe Biden can never and will never be President. It’s not in his Destiny. He can be vise but not President.

  6. We know it was a bio-weapon we know fish head soup was just a ploy to get us to look the other way these people tried to wreck our country this is war what are you doing about

  7. The virus was a blatant attack on America not to mention the rest of the world this was to discriminate you and your presidency what is being done where is the progress

  8. I’m not diggin’ that Gold fringed flag . I much rather see the American flag in it’s true form RED , WHITE, BLUE .

  9. That’s right this Plague should have been dealt with competently—- it wasn’t due to your F’d up tenure in office,, we love seeing the Squirting Orange Ass Face virtually every day on the screen especially since you always wears your fancy Turd Hair.

  10. In Asia from where I’m from…a lot of pple hate Trump…I hated Trump, but as soon as I stopped listening to fake news and just watch him, u get to see what he does is actually good for America.

  11. 자금회수 100% ㅡokay 국제사기범죄자이다 ㅡ타국의 돈을 미구잡이식 받아서 ㆍㆍㅈㆍ회수한다 ㅡok

  12. 김광숙이도 공범이자 동일범죄 강탈자이다 ㅡokay 화이트 하우스 청원의회조사착수 ㅡokay

  13. Agenda21 much? What is Event 201? What are the 2010 Rockefeller papers? Why did Anthony Fauci send 3.7million to China for chimeric research bypassing US moratoriums?

  14. easy for the stock market to go up when you have puppet jerome money printer go brrrrrrr powell making $6 trillion appear out of thin air. hahahahhaha

  15. Thank you Mr. President for caring for all of us. You stood tall while people were trying to chop you down. I am proud of the work you have done.

  16. 現在的美國華爾街 跟美國影界 的藝人 都支持中國來毒害美國他們為了錢 都沒有考慮美國人民的生死 只有川普才會保護美國人 可是川普受到這些藝人的批評 難道這些藝人真的不愛國嗎 美國人受到中國的生化武器毒殺 都沒關係 這些藝人簡直是畜生不如

  17. Transition period ,,,,,starts next week ,,,,,,GRANTED,,,,,for the president,,For the people,,,,Under dogna

  18. ㅡ만유불성ㅡ일체유심조ㅡ행복은 자신의 마음에 존재하너니라ㆍㆍㆍ이것을 평정심지위도가 바로 불가에서의 일체유심조가 되너니라 ㆍ 일체는 마음이 우주이오ㆍ그우주가 내마음 이오니 우주와 나/(참진아)는 통일체적인 것이 되너니라 ㆍㆍㆍ이것이 성공시대이다 ㆍ하늘의 행로지도ㅡ땅의 행로지도ㅡ인간의 행로지도가 삼도합일천지공사가 세계철도가 되너니라 ㆍ ㆍㆍokay

    그 하늘로 부터 부여받은 천성의 씨종자가 목생화ㅡ신딘수ㅡ보리수 ㅡ박탈나무기 진주강가의 성씨종자가 되너니라ㆍㆍㆍ

  19. Agent Orange at his Sorry Ass best
    It’s always someone else’s fault
    Listening to this moron for any length of time really insults people’s intelligence 🖕Themselves!

  20. Dam never seen any one sitting or standing far away, that does change what Mike pence the VP done and what Obama is doing, $2.2 trillion for 350+ million Americans the numbers don’t add up!

  21. Great and wonderful, it’s a perfect senario and the right time and will be the best to start help and future best cooperation with Krung Angkor people for the time as well.

  22. Please just stop listening to Fauci. You’re obviously a very good leader. I’d like to see independent investigative journalists at your pressers and ecologists in your ear. Otherwise, great job Mr. President.


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