President Trump Receives a Briefing on SOUTHCOM Enhanced Counternarcotics Operations


Doral, FL


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  2. Admires them so much that he can’t even follow their lead and respectfully wear a mask in their presence. Arrogant Ass !!


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  5. WOKE UP twice on same night

    12 : 12 >>> 3 : 33 AM

    PRESSED play to watch POTUS …

    12 : 21 PM Sunday 12 th 07 2020

    💛✊💛 GO POTUS GO 💛✊💛

    Oh and 770 comments .. 🤩

  6. Get rid of all scumbag drug dealers Donald! Clean up America President and imprison MS 13. Then God will execute them and send them to hell for the rest of eternity. They are demons who work for the Devil! Agent 160452. I work for you Donald and Mike!

  7. God bless America….Land that I Love. Stand beside her,…and guide her. Thru the Night by the Light from Above. From the mountains….to the prairies… the Oceans….white with foam. God bless America. My Home! Sweet! Home! Catchy song…..bout 100 years old! Sometimes it’s just my own….ya know?

  8. Vice is as old as civilization. Patton:when morales go down…….morale goes up! A war comment regarding RnR. Combat and RnR both must have a measure of control. As they effect each other. Crime Lords profit from extortion…murder….politicians…loopholes in countries…so it’s a very complex problem. Considering there’s a whole continent south of US….Central America.etc. Long ignored by media. Even DEA…remember Smugglers Blues? Great Song! Again…I could blame the Democrats….and I do! But the media by the same corruption has made it worse! Fighting the Wall. Immigration Laws. Again it’s two way! We can’t build a wall high enough to fix all that is south of Texas! That’s impossible! Some resources MUST be directed into Positive Change in many rather ignored but very problematic countries. So buying a little pot….or a migrant seeking a truck farming job…are not your enemy’s…..however it’s that very gray area! Vice. Anything white powdered has long had to be done south of here. Qualudes…..are a great example of how to handle it! Meth..was not handled the same way. Just again….it’s largely ignored by the press. Or told in a terrible way blaming the United States! So Coast Guard…DEA…others are largely secretive! We can’t..don’t dare…trust our own press! FCC? Is so Red….it’s Chinese! FACT! Many reasons for this…..all exploited! These are the Hero’s! Not Hollyweird! Not Sport Stars! Again.,’s not promoted. It’s largely scoffed at by those who know nothing outside there IPhone. Your opinion may differ. Because IT CAN!!!!!

  9. President Trump. Asked what’s the toughest Country to deal with? China..Iran….Russia? NOPE! Democrats! America! It’s epic!

  10. Coca Cola. History. Talk about a savage company….not the soda. That’s great(still prefer glass bottles). But they had a cast of lawyers that shut everybody down…..they had a lot of Cola Competition. Many….took advantage of similar names. Kota Cola. The red n white. They even tried to own the name Cola. Savage! Implied mostly….or directly. Pepsi…which has its own story…or RC(Royal Crown..distillery making soda..during prohibition..and secretly providing great booze! History!shhh!). The Cola Wars had begun! Laughed at….poked fun of. Was for serious money! Overseas? Russia was the first to be Nuked! Blasted with both sodas….in an attempt to capture a market. That was fully capable of producing its own Cola beverage. However…soon they had all kinds of things to mix there vodka with! Dr.Pepper. Mountain Dew. Sprite. Silly? But not. They don’t need any of it……but think they do. Cause it’s freedom of choice. The old Soviet system would say. One cola soda. That’s it! Not America….no we’re going to have. local brands…or even the “POP Shop” had like 50 flavors. Now you got water..and monster whatever..and stuff. Choice. Even Coke….found competition is VITAL! See?

  11. 1980. Public TV. Ran a religious show…pointing out satanic albums….from wholesome entertainment. OK? Watched this with my father…a guy of Herb Alpert..The association…Elvis the pelvis(my Dads name for him.) and of course we watched Liberace..Hee Haw…and even a little bit of old Lawrence Welk. But I loved Rock! So of course….my Dad ended up listening to music….sorry Dad! However….he always liked the guitar….or flute(Jethro Tull)….and the heavy riffs of Sabbath. Could see that was (dirt floor logic!). So they started cycling thru the albums…..Sabbath..Judas Priest..Ozzy….Scorpions…even Madonna. We laughed….but found it rather stupid. Cause? CDB wasn’t mentioned. Or Merle Haggard….or Willy Nelson….or Liberace. Even Boston. How can you say Boston was Satanic? Note the flames…on the album cover! Worshipping a guitar! It’s as Black as can be! YIKES! And of course……if you want to prevent this corruption of your children….please donate. Or buy our latest…Cassette!

  12. Hotcool = U.S. Navy ship fire in San Diego, awaiting briefing from officials = better people to stay-away [ what kind of engine & etc,] =be safe smart =thank you

  13. FIND BAG – Travel To America NR NINE – Beast = 1776.
    FIND BAG – Travel To America NR NINE – Horns = 1776.
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    PACKED BAG – Soon Gone – Thor Haakon Child NINE = 911.

  14. Play time OMEN = 888.
    Play time OMEN – Donald J Trump = 1776. Dirty player 😉
    Play time of child – Number NINE = 1776.

  15. Dude it feels like 180degrees last night wtf happened i felt like i burned HAARP WTF R U UP 2- Lucifer thru arafats fone he just wanted weed and dog busicuts and anyways 250 degrees is their aim just like your oven animals on cid- Luicfer back hockey mask dude back NEVADA every desert has dead bodies digged up on every land on border of california touch the thermostate its a blood sacro!!!!!!!

  16. #BidenInTheBasement

  17. Shit. I saw that big emblem thing in the thumbnail and thought trump must finally be giving himself that Medal of honor he said he deserved for killing so many with his mishandling of the pandemic.

  18. “dismantle criminal cartels responsible for killing thousands and thousands of Americans” lol the easiest way to do that would be to kick the trumps out of the whitehouse.

  19. I have NEVER been this engaged and enamored by any political figure in my lifetime (born in ’78). Full gratitude Mr. Pres!!!!

  20. On 01 April 2020AD, The United States Department of Defense ( US DOD) conducted Enhanced Counter Narcotics Operations ( ECNOPS) , in concert with The Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and 22 partner Nations , to combat the Drug Cartels in the midst of Darkness Manifest, whether from ISIS and Al- Qaeda, the Chinese Kung Flu, and BLM/ Anti- Fa/ NFAC inspired insurrection and violent Protests, Rioting, Looting and Lawlessness. Mister President, KEEP AMERICA TACTICAL via the Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and The United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🗽⚔️💣💥🔥

  21. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍


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