Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. Twitter has so many MSM journalist followers.
    I think, India wants US to mediate India-China despite, based on question asked:: if true, it is deviation from earlier statement that NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE. Good remarks from white house Secretary for this question.
    So many journalist want vote by mail, I think ; despite both parties are against it. Interesting.

  2. “Fact-checking” is a straw man game. You arrogantly call the “Facts” as undisputable and then anyone that disagrees with you is either stupid or a lier. Who checks the fact-checkers? Ms. McEnany lol.

  3. This is why we need to stop the Democrat party completely (politically) and change the course (socially) we are going in. Someway. Somehow. The Democrats need to be removed and or exposed (politically) that is the ONLY WAY the country returns to NORMAL. Nobody is forgetting ANYTHING at this point I mean think about it. Basically 1776 is now 2016. Forget everything else before. I already forgot who was president before Trump. The left went so crazy and raised such a ruckus they accidentally K****D the Obama Legacy. What Dummies. Had they just shut up like normal people then maybe… Actually this is good because the country needed to see the true LEFT SIDE of America.

  4. Thank you Kayleigh McAneny for presenting the President’s viewpoint on important issues. There are very few outlets for this since our MSM fails at it daily. The People need to know what their President thinks, whether they agree with it, or not. 🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸

  5. In the Democratic Party Governorship Minnesota, a rapper who used counterfeit money but was accidently manslaughtered by a police officer. Such simple accident event can let mobs burn American flags+burn police building+break police car+rob stores! Does this is what American people want the USA that the Biden Democrat Party lead and the CCP dictators want the USA future? Four police officers are fired without detailed investigation only because the raper+criminal Mr. Floyd was a black man! Is the Black superior race in
    ? Does Democrat Party defend the equity is the Black superior racism?

  6. Let us apply some knowledge to the question about making a vaccine mandatory; herd immunity does not rely on the ‘Vaccine’, that’s merely a component. Natural durable immunity, or resistance, developed by exposure, is the natural version of herd immunity. So, even if people dislike the idea of a vaccine, exposure will eventually lead to the same result, except they will have to risk spending two or so weeks enduring it and potentially burdening the healthcare system. There is probably some way to twist this, so have at it.
    P.S. Mail-in ballot does not have just fake ballots being sent in, but also ballots being stolen right out of mailboxes; and no, police do not have time to rush over and chase down a teenager on a bicycle who was picking them out of mailboxes along the street.

  7. When President Trump makes Twitter become his virtual office, can Twitter have any right to interrupt
    President’s Twitter Pose? If the answer is YES, that means Twitter is the Top1
    Political Superpower that can guardian/Kidnap any government by its users.Example,

  8. President Trump is defending American regime, values+law! In fact, the various Totalitarianism powers/American enemies have already made American social medias be their tools by money to ruin American values that have caused disasters in the USA so,the giant medias companies must be watched under American law to defend American soul and regime!

  9. She’s very empathetic. Her finest……….attribute. She sees all angles. Been there…..done that. She is part of a fine team. President has a long history of above average skills in managing complex…….multi level businesses. K. Is a ideal press secretary and much more…..much more. Hope her baby is well. And hubby too. Big Mike is doing well! I like Mike. Big Barr. Others who seem………well chosen. The president recognizes. Knowledge + Experiance = Wisdom(Knowing exactly what to do). It’s how it’s Done. For thousands of years. No man’s an island.

  10. Kayleigh.. I’m sorry as a citizen of the United States, that you must contend with the incessant verbal rhetoric of the liberal and or ultra liberal MSM… You are a true hero and a valued asset of the White House and President Trump. God Bless you and Peace Be With You! #WWG1WGA

  11. “Kayleigh McEnany”-You’re ALWAYS prepared to have TRUE answers-to throw in their faces/leaving media speeches!!

  12. I’m guessing that now that riots are allowed across America w/out masks (here on May 30th) that these hacks will lose their masks?

  13. These thugs are not to bright by there looting they are making people become racists at least to punks whatever color punks are punks they were born stupid

  14. so how many followers do the chinese officials have? fuck all. anyway if anyone but trump was to tweet in the manner he does they would be barred from the platform. twitter did not censor trump they just labelled his tweet utter fucking bullshit like all the garbage that spews from this little bitch’s mouth

  15. I do not have time for this nut job right here! “DIPSTICK SALLY” WITH BLONDE HAIR AND BLACK ROOTS!..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  16. Secretary is very professional.. and well spoken… who are these press scum.. we need to get all new media and reporters.. they are stupid and rude!

  17. A white, Asian, black and a Hispanic officer were all fired over George Floyd. About as diverse as you get. Where’s the racism?

  18. This guy with the striped tie / How transparent .CNN no wonder / Fake news.
    Then he admits to fraud on a regular basis . LOL
    I am sure he used to go after ” O Bummer” the same way.

  19. vaccine ? NO WAY !!!!!!
    Sorry but only in my already dead body.
    NO WAY am I going to get the Bill Gates mix injected into my living body!!!!!

  20. Someone needs to Fact check some of these bogus questions from so call.
    “Journalist”. Clearly they have an agenda and it is based in FRAUD.
    12% of 12 million people in LA .
    Clearly the Fake news DOES NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND.

  21. Like her grossly offensive, and outstandingly negative boss, McEnany fires up her motor mouth in order to further hogwash his highly gullible base. She does this by rambling out selective ‘facts’ which bare little to zero context to anything in the real world. She is appalling in every way shape or form. Another part of Trumps disgusting swamp.

  22. Mail out ballots are just sent out per address and Absentee Ballots are mailed out per requests of the registered voter and when checked out to be actual voter the absentee ballot is sent to the individual registered who requested the ballot…

  23. Hi Kayleigh I Enjoy Your Briefings And How You Treat Others So Thank You. I Was Hoping Someone Would Tell You How Nice And Colorful You Look Today. I Appreciate The Work You Do, Things In This Country Are So Tough Right Now, I Continually Pray For You And All Others.

  24. So this must be the minion that’s dealing with the daily briefings . What happened to the Cancer mouth president ??????
    Still hiding in his bunker.

  25. These “jouranlists” are fear mongering, hate spreading, divisive psychopaths. It’s one thing to read the headlines, but to hear them verbally ask these types of questions and constantly denounce any hopeful rhetoric is saddening.

  26. The stupid questions….is their such thing as a news reporter that has anything higher than a third grade education???

  27. Every time Miss McEnany says, “Thank you or I’m glad you asked the question,” she’s fixing to open up a can of whoop ass!!


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