Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing


The White House


  1. So General Flynn ‘lying’ is a big problem but the FBI (high officials) LYING does not seem to be a PROBLEM ??? Journalists cannot think for themselves and cannot form their own opinions without being directed ???

  2. First 3 questions all related to China, and they’re asking the same qns they asked The President the past 4 days to Press Secretary ?


  4. Very nice job Kayleigh, when they try to ask a “trap” question, don’t hesitate to ask their names and who they are working for so the American People know exactly who the snakes & weasels are!

  5. What a wonderful briefing ♡♡♡ So amazing how Truth is such a powerful foundation! Unshakeable ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. WRONG ANSWER!!!! 

    She should have answered:

    “I promise not to lie to you as far as you report news accurately and fairly”

    That would set the tone for her tenure perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I like her. And strategically speaking she is a good pick. People, psychologically, don’t talk degradingly or antagonistically to a pretty person. That doesn’t mean I’m saying she can’t do the job…she obviously has the brains to smash the fake news media, and she showed it in her first pressroom briefing. Keep killing it!

  8. So Absolutely WH no press briefings since forever and Trumps 3rd press secretary comes out LYING just like a the Rest !! Where did Trump find this Skank ? How long will she last ?? DISGRACE

  9. There are several Kim Jong-un resemblance dummy (Kagemusha). Make it look more like plastic, and practice your behavior and habits. In Korea, even an singer or actor resembles a similar degree, and if you look closely, you can discriminate whether it is real or fake. The characters in the video may be real or fake, but there are bands that look similar anyway. Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il also had bands (Kagemusha).

    I want to trust the intelligence power of the Korean intelligence agency that Kim Jong-un was evacuated to Wonsan from Covid-19, but it will be revealed over time whether it is a band or a real thing. It was said that there were organ transplant experts among doctors from China to North Korea, and there was organ transplant surgery by Kim Jong-un. If Kim Jong-un’s condition improves and he is still alive, 300,000 Chinese troops gathered in Dandong across from Sinuiju will not be able to come to North Korea, but fears of accepting North Korea upon confirmation of death. For North Korea, it is necessary to stabilize Kim Jong-un. Not long ago, between China’s Sinuiju and Dandong areas, China attempted to steal the Yalu River with tanks, and the North Korean border guards furiously fought and there were gunfires. The North Korean border guard is said to continue to increase, but its authenticity has not been revealed.

    If the U.S. blocks China’s attempts to seize North Korea and negotiates North Korea’s forces and security, it will effectively eliminate North Korea’s nuclear threats aimed at the United States and build a friendly system for the United States.

    In the past, there were two Kim Jong-il ‘bullet bands’ ”
    Same face, different ears … North Korea’s Kim Jong-un band?
    Kim Jong-un’s rapid aging in 10 days?

  10. Epitomizes fraud, waste, & abuse
    Of tax dollars. Another new Knee Pad Specialist for Agent Orange’s Sorry Ass🖕Themselves! & this Total Cluster Fu*k Administration.
    Make America great again by
    Getting rid of these friggin Morons.

  11. Great Job…. Helping the less fortunate or “more blessed” is what we should be about.
    I hope the President is not just spitballing I hope he is ass kicking. It was actually conceived as a Bio Weapon in the US .Congress made the wise decision to stop pursuit of and research of it.Fouche completely involved allegedly took or commandeered certain research with him to China. The investigation will reveal surprises. What a bizarre situation. The Administration has certainly worked diligently and deserves Ann atta boy. Here we see an excellent personnel selection. President Trump has made more Staff and Appointee mistakes which based upon his ability as an administrator is almost embarrassing.He is such a capable Leader and Motivator.Yet selects individuals such as Jeff Sessions,Coats, Previce, the Sec who originally ran the VA. His first Sec of State , allowed Rosenstiien to maintain employment,Selected Kelly as Cheif of Staff, The Mooch, Alex Aguire and many more. No Human Being expect Trump could have survived,
    You need to tell people you don’t know or you will get back to them.
    The FBI Director Ray must go now. Who in the world made that suggestion. To save the dignity and objectivity of the Agency he must replace him with someone beyond steel tough he knows and trusts. It must be a huge win for the FBI as well.
    I support the President he’s a little remote on an emotional level ( empathy).
    To survive the sickening onslaught the Deep State was and is pursuing is nothing short of miraculous.
    He must triple his effort to understand those with limited or low income.
    The Tax Cut was important on a very limited basis.It did nothing to help those in real need.
    Repealing the Death Tax was idiotic and relief to heirs should have been capped. It will be reinstated as Dems first priority.
    You think one day he’s done and yet he is on top the next his greatest quality.
    He actually works a new first in my 67 years of life.
    He will be re-elected… why? Because he says so. Just watch.
    Last but not least his ego the size of a 70’s Buick Wagon is his secret weapon however it’s the very thing that costs him respect and contributes to his defeats.

    Welcome to wonderland.

  12. Press secretary Kaleigh McEnany amazingly handled the ever going witch hunters so well. Such an embarrassing bunch.

  13. Great job Press secretary,President Trump shouldn’t have to be with you guys always.I enjoy her presentation.Thank you!

  14. Wait til Nancy gets a hold of Barbie. She’s going to like a goldfish in a tank with Oscar Nancy. Good luck

  15. The press, man… “Will you pledge that you will never lie to us” for fucks sake… take a look in the mirror. Cheeky Cunts.

  16. Trump only knew what the FBI director told him about Flynn . What Trump didn’t now at the time was that Comey was a lying traitor trying to overturn the election and overthrow the government of the United States or America And how stupid are these reporters , they are going to stick to their lies no matter what . Flynn fell on his sword because he was bankrupted by those crooked A-holes and they were going to do the same thing to his son unless he pleaded guilty to something he did not do . Notice not one of those reporters could tell you what lie it was that Flynn pleaded guilty to .

  17. Why is the President not following his own plan to open the Country?
    And why isn’t he insisting that everyone else does too?
    What was the point of him putting out a plan if he’s going to ignore it?

  18. Damn I like this girl a lot great selection so far keep it up. Should have fired back “will you the press respond by writing the truth about what’s happening in the country”

  19. This is painful to watch. Reporters weren’t always like this. 🙁

    No offence to this wonderful lady but can we get Lisa lampinelli to host the briefing so that at least it’s entertaining.


  21. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany did an amazing job! She even Destroyed the media that would rather lie and feed that as news – than tell the TRUTH and give #WeThePeople REAL NEWS. After all, the PRESS has a special section in our rights as Sovereign Americans – They should be held to account and hold themselves at a higher level – rather than in a pile of Donkey 🐴💩sh*t they are crawling in – other than Fox News, OAN and a select few others.

  22. Secretary McEnany, please continue to do a good job and help us be informed about what is going on at the White House. I am praying for you in Jesus’s name.

  23. 🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂I haven’t seen leftists demtards this mad since Republicans freed the slaves! 🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂 🤣😂🤣😂


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