Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. So little 
    Miss Goebbels here wants us to believe that the Trump administration had
    anticipated, planned for, and was well prepared for a pandemic that Trump  himself 
    initially described as “a hoax”…..”no threat”,….
    “nothing to worry about”.  
    Seriously you couldn’t make this shit up.  Oh wait, she did!!

  2. Legacy paper document’s by previous administration Obama overflowed from jr bush from bill Clinton to from sr bush.
    Legacy masters and their sheep followed these masters sowing seeds on the way and fields which their sheep feeding and grown more sheep’s with rich food horticulture urea for animal-husbandry.
    In this whole masters feeding sheep Nancy Pelosi her 11pen collectors played major role along with their oppositions ass well.

  3. Little Miss Goebbels was very thorough in telling us how
    Trump was right all along regarding the importance of being able to produce
    ones own PPE,  rather than rely on off
    shore manufacturing.  But of course she
    conveniently forgot to mention that Trump continued to export all USAs locally
    manufactured PPE like N95 respirators in the early stages of the pandemic (when
    he was still in denial). Despite the growing world wide N95 shortage, and the
    desperate warnings of his own officials trying to warn him of what was to come
    and the need to retain them at that time.

    Interestingly Taiwan took the opposite approach at the onset
    of the pandemic.  Their  immediate response was to block all exports
    of locally made N95s and electronic thermometers etc. Because they realized the
    seriousness of the emerging situation and the need to have extremely good
    national stock piles.

    I guess that is the difference though when you have one government who are focused on providing well balanced government, and understand that without a healthy population you have nothing . While the other government
    was only focused on $$$ and golf.

  4. That’s a huge supply of appliances and coverings in Billion’s which are mostly single use and sometimes it’s educated to use two masks to prevent infections when the cover is used over mouth and if tongue touches mask then that mask cannot be used by other user. So that’s why elders educated to use two covers and dispose the outside one and use regularly the mask that comes in contact with the tongue in the mouth.
    And Nancy pelosi collects huge I’ve creams supplies. She has yogurt with buttermilk also. Because it’s a heat season.

    What 🤷🏻.
    Health conscience tips💁🏻🤦🏻

  5. Her neck jewel is super duper design. Is that a pearl set. Someone has some taste.

    Who followed parable of pearl for kigndom.

  6. Smell of tress.
    Yeah in India🇮🇳 people smell onion in summer because onion has high sulphur content which is refreshing to a dehydration process.

    Obamagate is smelling trees on either side of wall street journalism, like ashoka planted trees on either side of the road/street in Asian journals. And journals were page marked using ashoka pillar.

    In ashoka period there were wearing white plastic transparent clothes and a traditional wearing which became Paris fashionista style. Ash oka seen future of Paris agreement along with arctic heat melting ice caps to unviel the aliens/ships/ice age animals gone extinct with a freezing flood.

    So they squad were looking for those extinct animals coming out of bottomless pit dug in Vatican🇻🇦 and protrudes in Seoul🇰🇷SouthKorea.


  7. high doses of vitamin D, fat soluble vitamin C, Quercetin ought to be prescribed to ALL covid 19 patients and NOT deadly vaccines

  8. Дональд, эти два криминальных прохвоста Обама и Байден осознаю что им грозит тюрьма за их преступления, они насилуют женщин, активно помогали в развития Китая, и уничтожили американский флот и ВВС, начали и проиграли войну в Сирии устроили кризис беженцев. И они очень сильно напуганы тем что есть факты против них, и факты серьезные.
    А еще они совершили акт измены, когда начали работать на Сороса за деньги. У Сороса свои выгоды в Китае. Сорос и МВФ называет Китай мировой экономикой, они уже давно предали Америку.

    В США конгрессмены от Демпартии инициируют очередное расследование против Трампа.
    Обама звинуватив владу США в пошуках вигоди в умовах пандемії коронавірус.
    Вибори президента США: Блумберг виділить $250 млн на підтримку Байдена

    Дональд, вся эта банда Обамы вели себя как дети, тем и воспользовался и Китай и РФ.
    При Рейгане, все сидели тихо. Кто это Обаму еще во власть пустил, он же клоун и мерзавец от Сороса, какой с него политик.

    Дональд, а еще они обвиняют тебя в своих преступлениях, а еще сервера Клинтон которые легко читали китайцы и россияне. А еще “перегрузка” Клинтон и Лаврова.
    Нужно вызвать Керри в Сенат что бы он дал показания по внешней политике Обамы, что бы понять чем он занимался 8 лет, и пусть расскажет как дружил с Китаем какие документы в пользу Китая подписал. Сейчас Китай захватил территории Вьетнама.
    Ты помнишь с чего началась японская компания, именно с захватов окружающих, а там и до Перла доберутся. Пентагон как будет встречать Китай в Перле, снова в кроватях ?
    Сын Байдена слили всю диспозицию, а Обама уничтожил второй флот и авиацию еще до главного боя. А кто за это все будет отвечать ?
    Так же отмечу что Обама лично покрывал и покрывает в Украине мафию, это говорит о его морально аморальных качествах циничной и его фальшивой личности. Двуликий Янус это Обама, и не одного дня он не думал об Америке, он только использовал Америку для личного удовлетворения психологической потребности чувства своей важности, а еще он хотел для себя денег.

  9. Kayliegh is so intelligent… young lasses should look up to her rather then the lady gagas of the world.
    Don’t @me unless it’s madd postive

  10. OMG! OMG! God save us all from untested forced by military VACCINE

  11. this is hilarious! those masks only work if you wear them Properly and in the setting all the time, so that you are not Touching them with your hands. Idiots the lot of them. and oh the old guy was cracking me up, touching the chair backs then having to fix his mask and oh did he not touch his lip and nose. good grief, these are the brilliant news media? come on!

  12. Please stop our Michigan governor. She has gone power crazy to gain fame to run for vice president and we are all suffering account of it. No dentists, because her logic is that the disease is transmitted by mouth and dentists work on the mouth. That was her verbal reason for keeping the dental industry closed. Really, an industry that has been practicing great sterilization techniques on their equipment and proper ppe wearing for at least the last 10 years. That is just one of the crazy things she’s done to us and that is the reasoning of a tyrant or a six year old, Not the governor of a state of the union. Please help Michigan because we are starting to suffer terribly under her ideology. Jpol

  13. She’s killing it. Love my nation. Go President Trump! You’ve got love from your citizens in Siam!

  14. We love OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP.🇺🇸 PULLING AWAY FROM THE World Health Organization….and paying ONLY the same low rate as CHINA IS GREAT. This GloBAL organization located in GERMANY is not a USA……friendly partner. Love our new PRESS SECRETARY…..she takes no GUFF from these SO CALLED reporters. THE MEDIA IS TRYING TO TEAR our BELOVED America apart. Do not buy anything advertised on any media that does not support OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT TRUMP.
    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🍃🕊🍃🕊🍃🕊🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  15. You are a great Press Secretary, Kayleigh. There is integrity in the briefing because of this administration’s commitment to truth and transparency. Thank you for your personal commitment as well. God bless you.

  16. oooooh 3 ring binders! Those must be really really good plans. Best president ever! Obama didn’t even put graphics on the cover of his plan! INCOMPETENT!

  17. LOL. So she took a packet of paper, parted down the middle and pretended like it couldn’t fit in one THIN binder, two of the thinnest binders ever invented LOL.

    She’s a great speaker though. Not sure what she’s “fact checking” when all she’s repeating all the lies and stuff in a great speaking manner.

  18. Thank you UBoob for making this available for me even though I watched it in real time! Reporters do your due diligence to find out WHO had the job to make sure that the president had the knowledge but withheld the information about the stock pile of supplies! A CEO of a company relies on his managers to convey what’s needed…so is his position. He has to trust his surrounding “managers” for the VAST information. Duh


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