Q&A on the use of masks during COVID-19 – Broadcast live 08 June 2020


Prof Benedetta Allegranzi, WHO Technical Lead for Infection Prevention and Control participated in a live Q&A with host Nyka Alexander, broadcast live from WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland on 08 June 2020


  1. Why don’t you demand China the regulation of KN95 masks? Too many options, more than half completely worthless, they’re starting to be used by medical staff in countries around the world. Citizens washing them and using them for a whole month…

  2. The doctor said people who are vulnerable should wear a mask. She also said wearing a mask protects not yourself, but others from your droplets. So how does it protect the vulnerable ? Shouldn’t it be more important for others to wear a mask when they are with vulnerable people?

  3. 23:09 If people exercising in open spaces don’t wear a mask they’re condemning sick, old and all vulnerable people to never have a breath of fresh air again. Some of us have large dogs, we need to go to the parks where people exercising without masks make the task more dangerous. Not all os us live in fancy cities with large parks who have designated areas for different activities, many of us live in highly densed places which only have a one square park for everyone. If you don’t want to consider people with pets, then consider people with children, maybe they’re not at risk but their parents are, people exercising without masks, in open spaces everyone uses, are a danger for communities.

  4. If a person is sick you said they should wear a medical mask, yet you are contradicting yourself by saying a cloth mask should be worn by someone who might be sick. So if you might be sick and a medical mask is what should be worn if you are sick it seems that a mask made of cloth will do nothing to protect others.


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