Recovery at Work: Celebrating Connections, a White House Roundtable Event


The White House


  1. A beautiful first lady, beautiful an intelligent…! Donald and Melania TRUMP 2Q2Q…! – Many Germans are with you! WWG1WGA…!

  2. What has happened to the Republican party? Where have your morals and values gone that were so high at one time? This whole thread makes no since how you bend over backward making a silk purse out of a sows ear. Was it not your party that made the loudest noise when our government officials were found lying, or living a debase life style? Wasn’t it your party that was suppose to be about fiscal spending and accountability? Instead here you are praising lies avoiding truth with name calling. Pretending this women and this administration are more than what they show themselves to be. The GREAT OLD PARTY (GOP) It seems like you drank water with lead in it willingly. Gavrilo Pricip is right with his link through out this thread and this you tuber, she did/does not act like a first lady having nude pictures and saying she speaks five languages, if that were Michelle Obama I’m sure it would have been worse than what you made of her and her accomplishment when she was first lady. Instead you could only call her names. Something a child would do. When are you going to be best? As a matter of fact what ever happened to that campaign.

  3. OMG she is finally doing first lady stuff. About time Melania. Thank God she didn’t wear that jacket she wore when she went to see the kids that Trump jailed and separated then from their mothers and father’s at the border. Remember what it said, I really don’t care do you? That’s The real Melania. She’s just reading this stuff….

  4. Mrs. Trump, you are a good wonderful and compassionate First Lady who cares about America. I am so proud of you. I’ll pray every night for you and your family to be safe in the Lord’s arms of protection. With all my heart!!!

  5. To be PERFECTLY CLEAR, alcohol and drug abuse has NOT dissipated during COVID-19, it has permitted individuals struggling to do so in silence. FLOTUS is to be honored for identifying this issue as paramount through her eloquent voice. We, as a people, MUST understand the challenges of recovery, extending the spirit of humanity which is at times very difficult to muster for those who surround the addicted. Remind each other of hope, foremost. BE PRESENT & ACCOUNTED FOR. Bless this Administration and Mrs. Trump for their transparency, storytelling is powerful and life-changing. Thank you Mr. Ludlow, you’re an inspiration, truly.

  6. God and Yahve blass oll country usa and israel 🇮🇱❤🇺🇸🇮🇱❤🇺🇸🇮🇱❤🇺🇸and family Tramp 🇺🇸,Cussner🇮🇱and family netanjahy ,thank you pr.tramp for embbassy usa to yerusalim,golan tramp.zajedno smo jaci 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱

  7. My GOD…if only she was BORN in the USA…she will definitely be the historic FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of the USA.

    Don’t worry…because on 2024 after the second term of “the UNBEATABLE and the UNSINKABLE TRUMP” is finally OVER…we will definitely WITNESS the election of the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENTof the USA.

    And that LADY is a “TRUMP”.

    But her name is “IVANKA TRUMP”.

  8. Sweet Melania, I see you are praying, great!!! Many of us are tired of disorderly people, please make our beautiful country Christian again!!! God bless you!!!

  9. We’re so proud to be American and love you – our First Lady so much! Keep doing your best for our great country.

  10. Trump ALSO Denied Paying Stormy Daniels! Trump Lied because Trump Later Admitted to Paying Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about Affair before Election!
    Amendment 25! Spreading Conspiracy Theories! MAD MAN! Amendment 25 as Trump put up Videos of an Doctor for Hydroxychloroquine = Doctor also had vids out for Demon Sperm! Trump is Insane! Amendment 25 Now! Of course Trump Denies it now that he disparaged the Military = THAT MUST be why Trump allowed Russia and Putin to place Bounties on American Military Lives! Why believe this Liar Trump Now?

  11. Thank you sir every body and soul good with the truth of the God bless I am promise to the country for all the people and the president’s Trump too Sir God bless all Sir 2020 for president Trump again sir God bless all

  12. Mt Trumpmore #VOTETRUMP2020
    My God How We LOVE, LOVE, #LOVEPRESIDENTTRUMP #MAGABABYMAGA #MAGA #KINGTRUMP4EVER #PRESSISTHEENENMY #BARRYTHEFAIRY #BATHROOMBARRY #OBAMASPYGATE #HILLARY4PRISON #BENGHAZI #IlovePresidentTrump #IhateJoeBiden #BidenIsNuts #IhateKamalaHarris #IhateHillary #IhateObama #IhateDemocrats #IhateNewsMedia #IhatePress #IloveAmerica

  13. Drugs, and alcohol are for the weak of ❤️, mind, and soul. It’s a selfish lie. It’s an easy way out, and the hardest road to travel, where unfortunately, once embarked upon, the itinerary becomes increasingly harder to change, or reverse, with each rapidly passing day. It’s a wasted life, and a way to waste the lives of any loved ones too.

  14. This is a BIG TOPIC. THANK YOU FOR SHINING A LIGHT ON IT… the right way 🇺🇸 many very gifted, good people are affected by this.

  15. Do you have any idea how many people think Labor Day is a Perfect day to get drunk???? To me, it reminds me of my daughter. I had her 38 years ago, ON LABOR DAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH, 1982.💝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I WAS IN😧 LABOR 😟ALL DAY, SHE WAS BORN AT 4:00 PM.💕😍😄

  16. Half the population is drunk, or high, and dangerously miserable. Hence the, Portland, and other once picturesque city’s, “peaceful protesters”, and the other GODLESS wonders, that have become fodder for the likes of George Soros, and others to use as they’re human Expendables.

  17. God! Look at her!! The most beautiful woman ever!!!! Sexiest women alive!!! The most beautiful FLOTUS!!!! michelle wasn’t even worth a toe nail of this beautiful lady!!!!

  18. Thank you FLOTUS and guests. Prisons need special attention on the drug abuse. I say this b/c a decade plus ago, my son was an idiot and chose prison instead of probation…b/c of a FIRST marijuana charge. He was at fault, won’t deny that and neither did he. So, a year and a half in prison and he came out w/ a heroin addiction. He beat it on his own and now has a good life w/ four children…we are blessed. But drugs in prisons IS BAD and should be addressed somehow.

  19. doctors only give out the good pain relievers to the addicts why is this happening wow I been kicked down all the time thnks alot


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