Secretary Carson: America’s economic renaissance



    *VOTE TRUMP❤2020*

  2. What was robbed from us by the “invisible enemy”; “…for we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”, we gain back 120%. It would have been better for the enemy if he left us alone, but no matter, we occupy till He call us up to Himself. All glory to Yeshua!

  3. Mr. Secretary Carson, we trust you will do exactly that, we take strength from your saying.We will give our support. Blessings.

  4. Well said Dr. Ben with that soothing way of getting us to hear every word. Black America has been hit hard the most and they were not in a good position already financially or health wise to go through a nationwide shut down. We cannot make America great without every inch of it being prosperous. This is good that this Administration is enacting programs that all Americans have the opportunity to be successful.

  5. We need to have our credit scores removed from insurance companies basing your rate on credit use… or even if we have a good credit rating…..but have revolving debt due to being screwed the past 20 years and still being held back by two major recessions..and never able to get ahead…..we need to have relief in insurance industry. I cannot get car insurance because the rate DOUBLE EVEN IF you have a good credit score..but revolving debt. This makes no sense..I need the lower amount to keep ends meeting on a month to month. PLEASE HELP FIX THIS!!!!

  6. This is great news. Its important to try and offset all the set backs the minority communities have been delt over the decades. Red lining will take a generation or two bounce back from. Hopefully the administration can think of ways to make it quicker! All men and women are created equal by God.
    P.s…..thank you God for making me. In jesus’ name Amen.

  7. I always loved you and your shining example as an eminent physician, just like I adore President Trump, but who knew you would both be so fabulous together!

  8. I’d vote for him for President. Would be nice to have Americas first black president! Cause we all know Obama grew up in the shade 😛


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