‘Selfish bastard’: Colorado governor blasts those not wearing masks, still no statewide mandate


Colorado Governor Jared Polis has been vocal about the importance of wearing a mask, even calling Coloradans “selfish bastards” if you don’t wear a mask — yet Polis has not issued a statewide mandate. So, who’s requiring masks, and who’s not? And what’s the guidance?


  1. Did you know: Doctors and Nurses change their mask AFTER EVERY single patient!? Something that is NEVER mentioned in the media.

  2. look at the tests folks have done… They are lowering peoples immune systems.. not to mention immediately lower oxygen to your brain..
    Look up the truth, not just what tv/media says… not to long ago they were saying how masks would only make people feel better.. but, would not help prevent.
    Now they have people turning against each other.. economy is being dismantled.
    The mark of the beast is coming, more importantly Jesus is. And God’s judgement.
    Seek Jesus’ be born again while we still can.
    Far worse that any virus is hearing a Jesus say.. “depart from me, I never knew you”.
    🙏🏼♥️ praying for God’s mercy for our state, country and world.

  3. US citizens should have the freedom of choosing to wear a mask or no mask.
    I don’t live in fear.


  4. It’s not healthy to wear mask , i cant breath with it and I’m not sick , mask are for sick people , if you want to wear it wear it i dont have to do what you do …

  5. \ Colorado has a Guv to the #Left of #ChickenPooper. #2AthePlanet #ProtectTheChildren #MarxismKills #SeeYouNextTuesdayMarx #aseptictechnique


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