Update on Omicron sub-lineages XBB and BQ.1


Latest update from Dr Maria Van Kerkhove on Omicron sub-lineages XBB and BQ.1

In order to track COVID-19 virus evolution and make the right assessment and policies, we need sustained surveillance of the virus – well planned and organised testing and sequencing across the world.

Watch the entire live show from the 25 October 2022 here: https://youtu.be/X_2WbQ33e08


  1. Unvaxxed natural immunity is not the same as jabbed and natural immunity. When they say “natural immunity evasive” they’re talking jabbed natural immunity. They are avoiding an obvious difference.

  2. So the sniffles is out there, and your solution is a totalitarian society controlled by you. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll blow my nose and carry on without your sinister organisation if I get a cold.


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