4/21/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing


The White House


  1. yes we wanted to get back to work but we all dying in streets.it’s not just old it’s obese black astmatic disabled old children.it’s not not got tape measure 2 metres aha. I think we 40.000 now in UK .that is in hospital.black vans turn up take neighbours away.yes I would love to go back to work. God bless Donald trump.

  2. vaccine is in the making from Oxford university.if it’s successful it will be available to public.
    and I’m sure America will be first to get it.because w hithout this great country we would not be here.

  3. Fraud Globalist’s Fauci & Birx who head up the Fraud-Scam PEPFAR = $6 to $90 Billion Global Slush Fund here are some insights about these two so you may gain a broader perspective:
    We Are Being Played – Introducing PEPFAR & Birx:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSfP8… Virus Task Force Boss Birx

    Ukraine Connections (through PEPFAR):
    Boom Info on Maeve Kennedy, Birx, Gates connected to PEPFAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoK6h
    Corey’s Digs Series on PEPFAR, Gates, The Global Fund & more:
    For those of us with eyes to see……

  4. I definitely and totally recommend changing the “White House Colour”, into “Yellow and Black”, well look at the Bright side, yellow and black are the main colour combinations of bees, which are very hyper active species and in the other hand too many of them will definitely put you to an eternal rest 😉… if you smell good then they will definitely sting you to death in a large swarm because they attack together from all angles leaving you no escape route, apart from if you smell bad or covered in mud then you’re safe, and they will never be able to sting you, while keeping their distance watching you very closely, or if you are surrounded by heavy smoke, then you are also safe, or if you’re a good diver then you’re safe, but if you cannot swim then running very fast to an extremely high grounds could save your life, which makes them a very deceiving and conning creatures, as well as unpredictable species, and in the other hand if you need their honey, then you have to capture the Queen, but without very heavy thick smoke, you’re definitely defenceless and hopeless, finally to avoid their sting just cover yourself in mud and don’t ever smell good while keeping yourself in a very high grounds where flowers don’t grow, because they strive in your goodness unfairly at any cost possible or impossible.

  5. The President needs express condolences to the families who lost loveones and friends everytime FIRST when he does these briefings He need to also be very steady and focused and get in these fights with the media they are not going to give you no help .


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