Organizer of ‘Reopen Colorado’ rally didn’t expect Polis’ plan so soon


The organizer of Sunday’s ‘Re-Open Colorado’ rally in Denver, Steve Peck, says he believes the demonstration over the weekend influenced Gov. Jared Polis’ announcment that Colorado’s statewide stay-home order will not be extended. “I sense that the Governor is listening to the people at the rally,” said Peck. “The Governor is a savvy politician.”

He praised Polis’ re-opening decision and said individual Coloradans should venture out based on their own risk tolerance. His full interview with Kyle…

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  1. Morons like this are going to make sure this virus spreads and mutates and destroys the US economy for years to come.

  2. You know what would have stopped all these stay at home orders from happening in the first place? Federal government actions starting in December/ January instead of waiting until mid March to start doing anything. Trump, his administration, Republicans, and Fox News refused lied, downplayed it, and did nothing for 3 months until after the stock market crashed.

  3. Right wing logic- let’s go back to work now then go back to shelter in place later when the virus spreads even worse then before, and then we will cry again and protest it, and then repeat for years to come.

  4. My gf and I are laid off since March 14th and still haven’t received unemployment or a stimulus check BUT we’re willing to sit inside broke af until this virus dies off because we’re educated and not stupid and don’t want a Spanish flu repeat.

    The problem is that we needed the entire country starting in late January to do a stay at home order and instead our country and federal government did nothing because right wing retards vote more and then vote for retards for office who they think are smart because they’re retarded and then we end up in a situation like we’re in now where this retard admits that going back to work now will lead to further spread and more death but he doesn’t care because people need money and money is worth more then people lives.

  5. Everybody in the US always think they are strong, always overestimated themselves, and underestimated their enemies. God will not bless Americans anymore if they keep acting that way. Let see the US death toll # after second outbreak. Right now is 45,340.

  6. Mass has been locked down like a vault with extremely strict stay at home orders for nearly 6 full weeks.
    This past week, cases exploded further. The data is showing there is much more to the story than “just suck it up lockdown and stay inside.” Forget political leanings. Also, never forget the whole point of locking down and staying at home was to flatten the curve so that we don’t exceed healthcare capacity. While places like NYC and Boston have been hit hard…Not even one state has exceeded its’ capacity.


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