Colorado Gov. Jared Polis makes clear: “Wear a damn mask!”


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis did not rule out a future mask mandate but made clear that Coloradans and people visiting the state should “wear a damn mask.”


  1. To all you people claiming wearing a mask is living in fear, are actually the ones living in fear of some sinister government plot that doesn’t exist! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. All he talks about is masks. He can’t continue to control us – people are tired of bowing down and listening to his nonsense. Lockdown 2.0 coming.

  3. We need to have a mandatory mask law instituted at the state level. Of course there could be variances and isolated areas where there’s no problem and people are sparse but not if they are close to populated areas. Keep in mind if an outbreak happens in a rural area where there’s not hospitals, it could be disastrous too. However at least they would have the flexibility to wear a mask if they want. In a concentrated population area things get out of hand really quick so we need to have this mandatory mask law instituted and the businesses indoors will have to mandate it also otherwise they will lose their businesses. That’s how you enforce a mask law. People walking around outside it’s not as much of a problem and people can avoid each other but in a closed building it’s impossible and we still don’t understand the transmission methods that take place in air conditioned air inside. Pass the law for mandatory masks before it’s too late. I don’t want to be unemployed again.


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