NEWS CONFERENCE: Polis provides weekly COVID-19 update


Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday provided his weekly update on coronavirus in Colorado.

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  1. You’re so soft you fake democrat, nothing works in this pandemic until there’s a vaccine. We’re going to be just like all these other states in about a week or two. Send Evey household money for food rent and mortgages and shut it down again before it’s to late and we’re picking and choosing who gets a hospital bed

  2. What about when the governor allowed thousands and thousands of protestors to crowd together night after night after night and he said n-o-t-h-i-n-g…?…time to punish the business people who own bars…makes sense to me

  3. Statistical bologna…. no meaningful numbers mentioned…just scare tactics !! Stop the BS !! Governor blames federal but doesn’t manage the state BS of protests and damage and destruction. Vote Polis Out ! Fauci is promoting his own vaccine…..

  4. We’re *WIDE AWAKE to the deception and fraud* that I’d this so called pandemic.
    *Quotes Goldman Sachs…

    _Quit with the Jazz-Hands dude_

  5. Polis want us to adopt a “Mask Culture”
    No Polis
    Mask have been historically symbolic.
    Masks were used to label slaves “slaves who had no voice”.
    No Polis
    Aristocracy have used masks for centuries.
    Masks are anti America.
    Better fight hard against masks because if we dont the next control mandates will soon follow.
    This is a test to see how well we comply.
    I do not comply….
    Anti masking laws have existed in this country up until Now.
    Its been illegal to cover your face in public, until Now.
    Don’t agree? look it up!
    Wake up America!


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