Coronavirus mythbusters: Spraying and introducing bleach into your body WON’T protect you


Do not under any circumstance spray or introduce bleach or any other disinfectant into your body. These substances can be poisonous if ingested and cause irritation and damage to your skin and eyes. Bleach and disinfectant should be used carefully to disinfect surfaces only. Remember to keep chlorine (bleach) and other disinfectants out of reach of children.


  1. What do we use to wash vegetables, fruits and how to disinfectant parcels like from Amazon ? Need a genuine advise on the same.

  2. Bleach was first discovered in 5000 B.C by Ancient Egyptians. Yet here we are, 7 Millennia later, still learning how to use it properly…

  3. Wow elites are making fun of the tax cattle. Don’t worry you don’t need disinfectant bcuz covid 19 virus doesn’t exist. In fact viruses are not what we have been told nothing contagious, they are produced with in the cells in response to poisoning or toxicity like stuffing Mac Donald’s and other crappy foods in your body

  4. Lol if everybody see your video they gona die, no thanks for 5g and coronavirus give this first for your family

  5. i use bleech for the waching machine, i add just a little every time since corona at every wash.


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