COVID-19 and young people – Play it safe


“We call on young people to take precautionary measures: hand hygiene, physical distance, wear a mask, stay home if you’re feeling unwell, avoid crowded places and mass gatherings, to protect yourselves and others from COVID-19. Play it safe and help end this pandemic”- Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Watch the entire press conference from 30 July 2020 here:


  1. *Thank you. It’s extremely important to reinforce again and again the rule that youngs have in this pandemia.* Warmest regards from Brasil, CORONAVÍRUS — 📖 Dra. Sônia 🕊   

  2. Fighting with bacterial diseases, we got an excellent support from WHO. But this is a man made disaster.The whole world (other than China) is in suffering.Developing countries have to face a lot.😌

  3. Destroying the lives of the young for no reason other than your own sadistic pleasure. You people (I use the term loosely) are unbelievably sick.

  4. Yes sir you have say it before because you are just talking an talking you did not anything for stoping the virus . You are a killers you killed pepole and you must be arrested for that.

  5. The resistants will make themselves look like tough, sometimes they clever but always resist all good things. Many can be found in school.

  6. covid19 should’ve been named AFTER where it originated, the place where it came from. but why did you decided to just call it covid19?🤬

  7. Its China virus.
    SARS 2 cornavirus came in 2020.
    Please wear mask and wash hands regularly.
    When we care for each other, the China virus will slow down eventually.
    Hope that WHO should worry about people’s health rather than thinking of China.

  8. How dare you say Turkmenistan has no COVID-19? We trusted you and thought you will clear things up and report the truth. You are responsible for those people dying everyday.

  9. Young people have 99,75 percent of survival and it makes coronavirus not dangerous to young people unless they are sick or have compromised immune system

  10. When are you going to admit your organization is being ran and funded by the CCP? When are you going to admit that you hid this virus and the information from the world when you found about it in October?

  11. 🤣🤣🤣 all those people commenting 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I’m really sorry u think this way I’ll pray for u sweethearts😉

  12. Like anyone is really going to listen to these people, they have lost all credibility. They should just let the ccp speak.

  13. Le pueden decir lo siguiente a esta bestia. Que ya nadie le cree, que no tiene credibilidad y que todo el mundo lo repudia por ser un inepto. Díganle que también es un asesino ya que todas las víctimas de covid son gracias a que no alertó al mundo a tiempo así como encubrió un brote de Ebola en Etiopía. Este no es doctor ni científico este imbecil es un carnicero.

  14. Please find the vaccines as soon as possible and share to the world.. we are tired with your voices. WE NEED VACCINE MADAM/SIR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE NOT LIKE THIS ONLY TALK BUT NOTHING


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