COVID-19 – stronger together


COVID-19 has robbed us of:
💑 people we love
🌇 lives and livelihoods
It has shaken the foundations of our 🌍.
But it has also reminded us that for all our differences, we are one human race, and we are stronger TOGETHER!


  1. Hotcool = during emergency death threat times there are high levels of psychological insecurity due to many fears, pain, and anger issue among some = instability in the POWER OF VOTING has prevalence for violent outbreaks after the elections ( some good people are POWER CRAZY) = BE NICE AND SAFE = please NO WW3= thank you

  2. Thank you very much for your unique video.I was impressed by the excellent greetings to you

  3. Haha, that’s funny. The organization that covered up the pandemic is now trying to convince everyone that they are saving us. I don’t believe a single word that comes from WHO.

  4. GOOGLE CENSORSHIP? – Why has YouTube repeatedly censored my comments on the WHO channel’s videos? These comments contain reasoned criticism of WHO leadership. Curiously, I can see my comments when logged in with my account, but they aren’t being made public. I wouldn’t have known if this wasn’t checked by another user account – the same comments are not posted. At the same time, Google does post many rude comments for WHO videos, as well as strange/nonsense comments.
    This practice seems sneaky, and it surely is not free, open, transparent. As a Google user and content creator, this seems to violate the trust of members of the google community.
    Worse, this apparent pattern of selective censorship may give the false impression that most criticism of WHO comes from uninformed cranks. Is this intentional? Whether by human or algorithm, this is sad.
    Come on Google, “Don’t be evil.”
    I don’t know if folks at Google have been paying attention to how your users feel about WHO and what is happening, but the last thing a social media company wants is to be lumped in with the Chinese Communist Party propaganda machine. It’s hard to see how this would be good for Google brand or stock price, and could open the door to competitors. Just sayin.

  5. Thank you WHO. Great video, don’t listen to the haters, keep doing the important work that the haters have no idea of. They just spit words, they don’t do anything against human suffering but spread their propaganda. Peace and health to all of us. <3

  6. Notice how they kept from showing anything American in this video? Even though most of the funding for WHO historically has come from America?!

  7. The voice of Tedros sound malefic … pls stop it ! Change the WHO board of dierctors … they are corupted


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