Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Message for College Students



  1. More like TonyFaux-ChiCom deepstate hack 🦆 colluding with Wuhan for this plandemic on us. AG Barr DO YOUR JOB AND ARREST that traitor Paperclip Fauci, Birx and other accessories to their criminal experiments❗❗❗

  2. We are not in this together. Democrat cities and states have been forcing unconstitutional authoritarian lock downs and forced people to lose their jobs crashing our greatest economy ever. Republican cities and states are open with no mask laws and doing way way better, keeping our economy breathing. End the lockdown! There are plenty of treatments available, the President proved it! NEVER EVER LOCKDOWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. While our President have been working very hard for save our people,corrupt lying Biden said that he will end the virus but he has spent the entire pandemic hidden in the basement of his house..Horrible Never we will lvote for a corrumt and lying NEVER We will vote for the best President in the USA History Donald J Trump God Bless you

  4. PELOSI NEEDS TO GO SHE IS HURTING AMERICANS!! 🤡🤥💩🤡🤥💩🤡🤥💩🤡🤥💩🤡🤥💩💩💩💩🤥🤥🤥🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩


  6. I’m surprised to see you at the White House. I was hoping the President had sent you and Dr. Jar Jar Binks to treat dysentery in West Africa.

  7. Dr Fauci, Not an expert in anything but panic, fear and terror spreading. This guy is in a constant state of being terrified,shocked and disturbed. How does he ever sleep at night? I wonder. He botched the aid s epidemic in the 1980s/ End lock-downs worldwide. Mainstream media and mediocre politicians nurse it like a sweet nectar. Its so sick and sad how they’re milking it, using peoples’ fear to keep power. #1 wave #2 control convid cyclone #3 permanent typhoon.
    “Resist much, Obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved; once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this Earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.” -Walt Whitman

  8. Bullshit. People without symptoms are not infectious. He knows that. SARS-CoV2 is no more deadly than seasonal influenza. If no one was killing anyone all these years prior to 2020. PCR tests cannot tell you if you have been infected with SARS-CoV2, can’t tell you if the infection is active or inactive, cannot telll you when how long ago you got infection. PCR tests are not diagnostic tools – so says the inventor of the test.

  9. Translate Fauci from latin to English it means : fan us or to fan us … He’s faning us or his ancestors fanned the royals either way he’s a slight breeze before the fiery control.

  10. Screw you you don’t even know what you’re talking about you should go work in a socialist country where they love to hear your doctrine

  11. Immune system is the answer! Cover when you cough /sneeze. Stay home until you get better. Masks limit your oxygen level=weaken your immune system. Zero trust.

  12. So you want us all to avoid human interaction, turn in are friends, and then you promise that you will forcibly lock us in tiny doorm rooms in isolation because we sneezed and might have covid-19, oh and no family too. Sounds like prison with a huge helping of depression and hopeless and then you tack on fear that you constantly show and what do you get … suicide rises and then you wonder why. Well you will probably blame it on covid-19 or most likely on Trump. But we will know the truth we weren’t all brain washed in your liberal schools.

  13. OPEN UP EVERYTHING!!! Dr. Fauci is a political medical consultant, he is enhancing Medical Tyranny by colluding with dangerous vaccine development with none other than Bill Gates.


  14. The fact that so many right-wingers are downvoting and complaining about this non-partisan, purely scientific video saying things that should be wholly uncontroversial is proof that the United States is f***ed. Simple measures like mask wearing are not some Communist takeover conspiracy. This man, Dr. Fauci, is just trying to appeal to every college student to take basic precautions to avoid making the country’s COVID-19 handling (which is already the worst in the entire world and will only get worse from here) even worse than it otherwise would be.

    Anyone who hears this message and claims this man has some sort of weird agenda, or who demands removing him from his position, or calls him a fraud, should be ashamed of themselves. If you are saying things like this, you are part of the problem. You are a part of the reason the United States is handling COVID-19 more poorly than Brazil of all places, and has had more deaths from COVID-19 than the two largest countries in the world combined. Keep chanting about how America is so great, but nearly the entire world has banned travel from this country because it is literally the worst in the world by a massive margin.

  15. the people in the CDC and many people in the media you should be locked up and put in jail for the lies and deception towards humanity Dr fauchi Bill Gates also need to be in prison covid-19 hyped up 85% all across the board is lies from these people inflated numbers putting covid-19 on people who don’t even have itevery week to CDC is changing with covid-19 is putting false positive testing as accurate the lies and deception is the real disease the truth is the vaccine paying hospitals to put covid-19 beside someone situation if they pass away even though they don’t have it the evil list goes on this definitely needs to be when is the public going to stand up as one against this corruption truth will make this will prosper and prevail to goodness covid-19 is real but nowhere like they’re making it out to be put these liars in jail and put honesty on the platform the world can definitely get better if we get rid of the corruption and deception that’s in charge


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