Full news conference: Colorado governor addresses George Floyd protests, COVID-19


Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) spoke publicly for the first time about Denver’s protests and riots following death of George Floyd.

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  1. You’re the weakest leader that Colorado has ever seen. Can’t wait to see you get out of office. Protesting is our right! Not destroying an innocent person’s life because of 4 men 25 hours away!

  2. We tried to protest just getting back to work! And got arrested! Yet it’s “unfortunate” the damage done to small businesses! You don’t give a shit you kiss ass pussy

  3. You’re having biggest problems ever with the shit posts lol at least some time of ur week in lunch room get ur shit together

  4. 40% peace protesters 60% riots looters thieves no jobs and want to loot
    and burn down the city and their own stores and food markets, every
    single Nike shoe store has been looted. Good luck boyz this is not going good lets pray together and stay safe.

  5. The gov here took the president calling governors weak as a personal attack for some reason. If someone condemns racism and you get mad maybe it’s because you’re a racist. Obviously the president is talking about governors in places like New York and California where the riots have gotten way out of control. I actually feel like Gov. Polis and the DPD has done a better job than most cities dealing with the rioting. While most of the affected cities impose a 7-8 o’clock curfew, NY didn’t impose theirs until 11pm lol! By then things are in full swing.

  6. This is a complete misrepresentation of the President’s words. He DID NOT suggest using violence or the military to crack down on peaceful protests. He explicitly said the exact opposite! He did suggest using the military to restore peace and law and order and crack down on the violent, destructive rioters if gutless leaders like yourself fail to act to do so. All fair-minded, justice loving Americans are horrified by the murder of George Floyd. There is no excuse, plain and simple and the guilty cop should be publicly executed.

  7. This is about cops overstepping their authority, using excessive force, and violating the civil and constitutional rights of the people. All people.

  8. Your a wimp. Trump 2020. Law and order. All lives matter and no excuse for riots. You are hurting innocent people

  9. Just saying I don’t have degree but I’ve studied body language and peening(clusters of unconscious actions or non verbal cues) this looks well rehearsed and not sincere for George.


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