Gov. Polis addresses protests, gives update on COVID-19


Holding his first news conference since protests broke out in Denver over the death of George Floyd, Gov. Jared Polis addressed the man’s killing at the hands of Minneapolis police and and gave an update on COVID-19 in Colorado.


  1. This criminal needs to be behind bars with his antifa thugs that he is supporting! Stop holding the State hostage with your covid 19 crap!!! He is doing nothing to protect the city during the riots.

  2. To Governor Polis and to Mayor Hancock – while I can appreciate your updates on COVID-19 but I continue to be amazed at this conversation still happening as ‘fear mongering’. We did not have issues of over run hospitals. We know our death rates and know that we have reached our peak. We know so much more about the World, the US, and Colorado. And, has never been proven that these tactics work to stop spread. As well severity is now known to be much more less than we originally projected. NOT if, but WHEN you get it — just not true. We know for those of us that look at our numbers in Colorado, that consistently 18% of people tested will be confirmed, 19% will be hospitalized, and that our fatality rate is just over 5%. We also know that thousands may have contracted it and didn’t have symptoms or didn’t see a doctor. I have seen several studies that all over the world that this is not what it was thought to be. From my analysis, of the confirmed cases reported, it is 0.386% population of all of Colorado and a 0.02% of deaths. Using a study I had seen shows that it’s possible that as many as 3% may have gotten the virus or about 174K people which would lower our fatality rate to 0.021% of cases. I won’t even go into the economic effects and additional deaths from other causes that will continue to be as a result of this far greater than we will ever imagine. And, the protests, while for a very very important cause-solidarity, I would argue that the violent protestors causing damage are part of the must bigger situation here which is social unrest that could very well get much bigger. Thank you.

  3. Again, terrible leadership from J. Polis. Everything is doom and gloom despite that all of the data shows that this thing is dying out. Hospitalizations continue to decline. No PPE shortages. Plenty of ventilators available. New cases on a steady decline. Testing up, rate of infection down significantly. According to J. Polis, It’s still a matter of WHEN, not IF, we all die from this virus.

  4. You spent all of 7 minutes speaking about what is happening to our state and I didn’t hear one solution proposed on how this situation is going to be corrected. PEOPLE ARE LOOTING AND DESTROYING OUR PROPERTY! Please resign now.

  5. hi people when willl the public restrooms be open i find it very difficult to function without them. ty


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