Gov. Jared Polis Issues New Mask Mandate For The Entire State Of Colorado Which Goes Into Effect At


The governor has spent months urging people to wear masks in order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, and now he has issued an executive order that will go into effect on Friday which requires it.


  1. Wonder who Polis’s #Handler is and what type of fire they lit under his proverbial a$$ for him to have a #Tantrum over no one listening to his #Advice.
    “I’m telling you to wear a damn mask”
    What happened to the mantra “My Choice My Body”? …sound familiar? It should, it’s been spewed for years.
    How far will #you let your #government #mandate personal decisions over you? Only to; “save the children?” “our seniors?” “our special interest groups?” sexual orientation?” “ethnic cleansing?” “religious fredoms?” “free speech?” “Free thinking?” “Free thought?” “Freedom to expose your head, legs, face in public?”
    HOW MUCH POWER will be GIVEN to a few? “To make people #FEEL safe?
    Once given….there’s no taking it back. The #Beast always wants more.

  2. I sure hope this continued pandemic doesn’t out live the people who think wearing a mask is a threat to the freedom,their lazy maga chud Lord failed to defend when it was clear the virus was spreading. Enjoy your contrived victories you chud maga morons.

  3. He should be executed as a traitor to the country and he is clearly Discriminating against those with health impalements or handicaps.

  4. WEAR A DAMN GAG-BALL, Governor Polyp! Once again Polyp mandates a
    one-size fits none strategy on the whole state. I’ll bet the only time
    Polyp sets foot outside the Denver/Boulder/Aurora metro area is for
    photo ops during campaigns.


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