President Trump Delivers Remarks on Rolling Back Regulations to Help All Americans


The White House


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  2. U.S. Govt still giving Billions to other countries.. meanwhile, millions of Americans are landless, dirt poor no house and in debt

  3. Scientists know they have to collaborate to get quicker results, pandemic people need to do as well to share best practices. Maybe an additional team to define and strategize work safe process strategies to safely increase capacity where it wasn’t otherwise considered. Additionally, research how other countries and different states are handling to see if there are additional ideas. Each state rep. getting mixed results, likely they are not a subject matter expert of pandemics. Then, “no shutdowns over economic concerns” but higher cases. Some could draw negative conclusions about their rep., than previously decided. All could meet/teleconference/survey inputs, to determine best practices to solve the problem of keeping the business moving but scaling back on cases. There is a man from Europe expressing negative test result concerns “RUN DMC”…worth a listen to ‘sanity check’ our tests accuracy. This could help in August.
    Example of working safely/Suggestion/Idea: Sitting in a restaurant with no mask while you eat is a danger in areas of high cases of COVID19(sitting for an hour with no mask, talking, laughing, coughing-your droplets are everywhere and duration of time spent in that location…Even if a server wears a face shield…). Togo only can eliminate dine-in, and use employees (servers who would otherwise be at home) to help with togo capacity to avoid turning off online ordering due to capacity overloading(In areas of hotspot surges of cases.), which will increase sales of company. They can seat togo guests at tables and have servers taking togo orders to help with eliminating lines. Just a suggestion…

  4. *Ederson Maia, alerts USA with the presence of the Chinese doctor, Li-Meng Yan. It’s more of a dirty trick from, Xi Jinping with Li Keqiang. The doctor was sent by China as a spy goat. Li-Meng, once she has her confidence, will work in the USA to steal data, she is a kind of human Huawei 5G, from China. And his family is well cared for in China by Xi Jinping.👉🇧🇷🇺🇸*

  5. 1946 OMEN – Satanists = 666.
    1946 OMEN – Satanists – Great Beast TRUMP Dark Lord = 1776.

    911 Memorial Of Dark Lord OMEN = 666.
    911 Memorial Of Dark Lord OMEN – Great Beast TRUMP Dark Lord = 1776.

  6. 1373NN

    the bail system is a blackmail

    because there is not reason to arrest a person and release the person for cash if they really criminal they ne dto remain in jail that create loos morals and frivolous arrest

    sometimes people do not even bother to collect bail and probably its  not very easy 

    some people maybe struggling to pay ent if they have to pay bail and $500 bail for frivolous misdemeanor is a lot fo one for a person. They may not havemoneyto put gas in the car

    and other various problems that may create for poor people who int collections t bail remain in jail just because for $500 dollar they maybe not have. And that is not equality.

    For example people who actually remain in jail becaus they do not have $500 to pay to come out fo jail then maybe remain in jail for several days and tat cost society much higher I hear estimate that some places charge $500/day per prisoner. Then to justify that person remain in jail fr longer police start to create faros type of charges and reports. Arrest are very frivolous that we are nat calls self a nation of criminals 

    and they continue to bud larger jails and receive additional financing

    why bail  needs to be paid and who are bail lawyers exactly ?? 

    it does not make sense to have special bail lawyers who specialize in bail because they charge extra money bail is assigned and not negotiated DA in prison PD offer people to plead guilty if person please guilty they are not released from jail at all 

    if they do not plea guilty bail is assigned so what is bail lawyer at all ?? 

    yo realize for majority of population we need to know logistics 

    as a equally measure 

    everyone think they do not get affected 

    politician, judges, lawyers

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  10. I don’t understanding what Americans are thinking if we don’t vote to let this man continue making America better. It’s a combination of media and those in our government system who obviously don’t like what this man does for us as citizens regarding our freedom.. think about things Americans unless you are brain washed by the fake News and lies toward our leader committed by corrupt politicians..
    Remember No Lobbying for 4 years regardless if Trump is our president or not…

  11. i beg Americans to vote for TRUMP
    if u want strong country as it is TRUMP is the man ho can do it .
    im from iran and lots of love for Americans.

  12. Remember this ia a test of faith. Why you do things matter more than what you do. Let your actions be an offering to God. Let God guide your actions. That way you will not become the monster you are fighting against.
    Violence aims at causing fear. Fear brings control. A strong will makes people not to fear. Hence control is lost. This is how India defeated the most powerful empire without a single bullet.
    Americans have been rebels since the war of independence. WWII was a rebellion against the socialism of nationalsocialists. Rebels will keep being rebels.

  13. I like Trump and his positive messages.. He is trying to keep the morale of the Country up.. However it is misconstrued as naivety and much worse..
    Let’s have a look a the greatest game of Rugby Union that was played in NZ this previous weekend… Some of these guys should be playing NFL…

  14. Spanish socialist media promoted by big tech writing and spreading idea of “post Trump world”. They say before Trump, world had “order” (globalist new world order) and compares it with the disorder of the CCP virus and leftist riots that destroyed mitigation. So in other words, the left blames POTUS for the tantrum of the left, Spanish libel to turn America’s backyard against Monroe doctrine. Spanish media deserves monitoring, to be called “Chinese agent”.
    On a side note. Indiana Jones to be treated like Gone with the wind. It seems Disney insists in becoming foreign agent.
    SCOTUS paving way to end electoral college.

  15. CHILD OF HOPE ——->> Born October 21.1985 = 911.
    CHILD OF HOPE ——->> Born October 21.1985 – Great Beast Light = 1776.

  16. Revelation 17: 14

    Be warned (James 2: 1 – 13) Mr President!

    Matthew 7: 13 – 14
    It is my (Psalm 18) Way (narrow road) or the highway (wide road)?

    Hebrews 4: 12 – 13
    I (Revelation 16: 15) will mock and shamefully expose you, if you do not continue to listen to sound (advice) doctrines.

    Romans 8: 7 – 8
    The mind governed by the flesh (Galatians 5: 19 – 21) will get you in trouble. Do not touch, taste or handle what does not belong to you!

    Isaiah 55: 8 – 11
    I (1 Corinthians 2: 9) have spoken plainly to you. If my (1 Corinthians 2: 4 – 8) messages begin to speak in parables to you, then you will (regret) know that you have gone against Divine (Will) Authority (Revelation 22: 12 – 16).

    Jeremiah 33: 3
    I (Isaiah 11: 1 – 5) have helped (protected) you in global crisis issues, explaining, exposing and leading you to answers that you desired to know.

    Now my (John 16: 7 – 15) messages are clear regarding global issues that harms humanity.

    Daniel 4
    I (Ezekiel 37: 24 – 25) will have no choice but to remove you from position of authority, if you continue to go against my (John 1: 6 – 8) FATHER’s Will (Jeremiah 29: 11).

    Take heed (Jeremiah 17: 9 – 10)!

  17. Trump! You will have to Chop my Head off like the mud slims do.! I will Never take/get your Vaccine! No way! No How! Kiss my You know What! Therapeutics are different! I am voting for you in 2020! You win by a Land slide as Never seen before!

  18. shootingstar to white house :
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    cerceuil capitoner pour le lit pour coucher le tableau
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  19. “Carry a Sign, not a Gun”
    These major cities, which have been attacked and are still being attacked by anarchists. What does shooting and looting, and riots in the street, have to do with the American way of life? We need to address these issues and stopped these actions in these cities.

    I suggest that we use the National Guard and the Air National Guard. The ground groups can team up with the local police and swat teams to stop and arrest these vandals. We need to stop the destruction of all property and we will not tolerate this behavior any longer. These are not peaceful demonstrations. “Carry a Sign, not a Gun.”

    The ground troops can use rubber bullets and bean-bags, and then tear gas, if necessary. The fire departments can use fire hoses and wash the people off their feet and rinse these trouble makers down the drain. The air troop in helicopters can drop water from the air to disperse these crowds.

    After crowd control is established, everyone found on the seen will be identified and tested for Covid-19, and then be separated for positive and negative results, and then either hospitalized or arrested and put in jail if necessary.

    The problem is, we are all American, and we can not move troops into a city, we need to rescue those who are violating the law, breaking the peace, and creating chaos threatening the lives of others. I feel that anyone that is committing any gun violations needs to be arrested and disarmed.

    When damaging actions are taken against federal troops, it becomes a federal offense, and county jail is no longer on the table; it becomes a case for federal prison and longer sentences.

  20. GO TO HELL – 666 Child Donald Trump = 911. GO TO HELL 🙂
    One eyed Idol Shepherd TRUMP.
    Go ahead count your sheeps.
    NINE is not your sheep 😉
    I am GODS sheep<3.
    Go ahead count your sheeps.
    """WHERE IS NINE"""".
    NINE shine you will never shine.
    How does it feel being so lost & wicked?!.
    Child SATAN can BURN - Said Man NINE = 911.

  21. If you’ve travelled to any country that is highly regulated, even one of the top economies in the world like Japan, regulation is a strong resistance to development. We have new technology than what we had back in the 80s or 90s. We now have the ability to automate new processes and create more efficient systems on how we go about our businesses. Deregulation in construction projects is such a huge relief. It would take projects just 3-5 weeks to finish in the build out construction but city, health, and all requirements, make our projects run for as long as 2 years simply because the local government are running on old technology and old systems. Corona virus really broke our business but what broke us the most was how hard it was to build our project for simple, what seems common sense, documents but would take weeks because there’s so much back and forth of making appointments to different departments with hours or weeks of waiting time. Not to mention how understaffed our city hall is! If you miss your appointment by 5 minutes, they’ll leave but it’s ok if they can be late for hours or not come at all. I think this is a great thing for America and I hope we deregulate here in California too.

  22. And they said.. the America should not set itself up as…
    ( the World’s Policeman)
    So us .. who else is more qualified??
    If you have an honest notation… Stick it (Here)

    What’s the matter?…can’t think of one?
    Why am I not surprised?

    Go Trump. Go Republican thinking.
    The sooner UK learns from this. The better.

  23. Now Kroger companies and Wal-Mart gone full out assault brown shirt in all locations they claim. No mask= No food or whatever else they’re supplying for sale. This is totally unacceptable for areas not affected at all.
    A deeper meaning than “It’s Just A Mask”


  25. California already has a no bail policy and it’s done a hell of a lot more harm than it could have ever even potentially done any damn good

  26. Dear Mr. President,
    The local nursing facilities, hospitals, townhouse apartment buildings, apartments and homes have not replaced the pipes in the shower stalls which is packed with mold of some kind that attacks the bodies that have the low immune system which is most likely why the invisible …plaque… have not been quarantine or stopped. Therefore, more and more citizens with low immune systems or under lining health conditions keep dying.

  27. I have a dishwasher that is about 8 years old and I have 2 gallon bucket where I add it full of hot water for the first long wash to get my dishes clean… it may not seem like a big deal but to me i know the WATER amount EQUALS CLEANER DISHES AND CLEANER CLOTHES not to mention the sewer lines that extra water to PUSH THE SLUDGE all the way to it’s destination… COMMON SENSE… the regulation ROLLBACK of 2 for 1 minimum is ENOUGH alone for FOUR MORE YEARS to MAKE AMERICA BETTER THAN EVER…PS GO TO CHURCH folks when the doors open again and pray for our leaders AMEN!


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