Live from S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna, Italy – originally broadcast on 18 September 2020


Live from S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna, Italy in time of COVID-19 — Lindsay Mackenzie from WHO’s communication department interviews Marina Tadolini, Researcher, University of Bologna, Anja Borojevic, Engineer and WHO Hospital Readiness Consultant and Anna Silenzi, Architect and WHO consultant. This show was broadcast live on 18 September 2020.

This version is a compilation of two segments, combined following technical difficulties on the original transmission.


  1. Bologna was an excellence in health care. not now! long since… to date doctors who are tired, arrogant and unwilling to talk. the first assistance to the sick for many hospital wards reaches inhuman levels.

  2. Masks are useless. Viruses go right through it. This is why you see scientists wear hazmat suits when working on SARS-CoV2. Even that shield doesn’t work. Politicians should stop acting like scientists bec they absolutely destroyed the economy. SARS-CoV2 is not killing asymptomatic people. Free the people & only quarantine the sick & elderly.


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