Media briefing on COVID-19



  1. WHO COVID-19 briefing 22 June 2020
    1:12 DG opening remarks.
    8:26 South Korea second wave?
    13:28 Recovery & rehabilitation?
    15:38 Italy waste water study?
    19:29 Western Balkans countries mass gathering & situations?
    22:50 Africa situations?
    26:26 Travel guidelines?
    31:48 Dexamethasone role?
    32:48 Rising cases in US?
    36:17 Meat packing plants outbreak?
    38:28 Virus mutation & effect?
    43:15 Why highest global cases yesterday?
    46:17 Brazil situation?
    53:03 Animal to human transmission?
    Visit WHO website for transcripts and guidances.

  2. Trump is an idiot and he does not care if USA spreads Covid to the world. The sooner that fool is gone the better for the world.

  3. Covid came from USA! That’s why we call it American Virus in China. USA had Covid since Feb 2019, but they call it normal pneumonia, vaping disease or flu. When the USA soldiers bring the Covid to Wuhan, it had spread to the whole world for half a year. Only China first find the truth and save the world. China should be the only leader of the world. We will set up new rules and laws for the world. Anyone obey China and CCP will benefit from it.

  4. As ordinary people who have been following up on the case of COVID-19, I have several questions to consult you. So,
    1. For the aircraft carrier that has been keeping away from humankind, and also for the submarine submerged under the deep ocean, how could they have an outbreak of the disease? And what is the source of infection?

    2. Cases of COVID-19 have been found on the aircraft, and its servicemen have been sent for treatment in isolation. However, how could these servicemen who have recovered get infected shortly after returning back on to the ship? And how could this re-occur several times?

    3. Both parents in a family were seriously ill with the virus, but how could their infant remain healthy?

    4. The media has reported that a taxi driver who daily delivered taxi services for severely infected patients hasn’t been infected himself. However, how can the doctors and nurses get infected, although they are professionals and experts wearing the most protective masks, goggles and heavy protective medical suits?

    5. The structure of a human body is all the same for everyone, but under the present circumstances with no proper cure available for use, how could some people, including an old man of 98 years old, get infected but then recover very quickly, and what is the reason that some young people including medical workers die after infection? How do you explain this?

    6. What is the reason for an infection without any symptoms? And how can people have no symptoms when they catch the virus?

    7. When Wu Han has the outbreak of COVID-19, epidemic prevention departments use tons of disinfectant to wash this city, but the incidence still remained the highest in the whole country, why was this?

    I don’t understand any of the above, so please could you explain?

    Thank you very much!

  5. Hello good day doctors regarding about any animals rabies and other virus such as corona, Ebola and other virus. Example dog rabies and corona virus or Ebola virus is there any chance that this two things are combined it’s other it is become there was a development or it will become a hybrid. The doctor’s and scientist who ever they are. Are they study and research about this.

  6. F*ck your Opinion ….Now you said that Asymptomatic Are non-dangerous…. I clearly see that your Propaganda…First you MEET with China they you messed up world by your guidelines ….Now Pharma companies Share goes In space….What the Hell worng with you….

  7. 🐻 Heal the World Without Conspiracy and Propaganda 🌏🌎🌍 ലിംഗംച്ഡ്യൂസ്റ്റ്ഗ്ഗംപ്പ 🐻🌱🥥🌱🍇🌱🍎🌱🍑🌱🍊🌱💕❤️💞

  8. lol can’t believe WHO still has the balls to have a briefing on COVID-19, you ARE RESPONSIBLE for the rapid spread of it. FUCK YOU hypocritical assholes. RESIGN AND GO TO HELL.

  9. To whom it may concern, people in Egypt are dying in the streets, sometimes next to hospitals that refuses to accept them because they can not Pay.

  10. The hidden political influences of this organization have got us where we are today…misery and death on a scale unheard of in over a century. It was their primary purpose to prevent an epidemic from becoming a pandemic, primarily in the initial few weeks. Shameful and criminal. Cant believe my tax paying dollars went to fund their , at best total worst, total corruption.

  11. Is this message approved by CCP ? You guys sleep well at night knowing you failed to do your job and killed thousands of people ? Please resign DR Tedros. You’re responsible for all the casualties. I hope CCP treats you well.


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