Mr Bean helps WHO spread the word on how to protect yourself from COVID-19


Practicing hand hygiene, correct cough etiquette, physical distancing and knowing your symptoms are among the main ways people can protect themselves from COVID-19. The creators of the Mr Bean animated character are lending their support to the World Health Organization to raise awareness on these simple yet essential measures to prevent infection from the new virus.

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  1. This needs to be deleted cause how dare you mr bean. And the WHO is a joke to this world. They are full of lies

  2. STOP treating us like daft children. WE KNOW the overreaction to Covid (less virulent than the seasonal flu) is a complete SCAM to bring about Agenda 21/2030 and the Forth Industrial Revolution, amongst other nefarious agendas. Your demise is imminent.

  3. Why are this organization doing a fundraiser, they already have enough money. Wow, they really have no shame do they. Even more stupid the people who actually donated. Organizations like these are a scam. Just look at what happened with the Red Cross during the Haiti earthquake. There was enough money to give every Haitian 100k, but where’d all that money go? This is basically the same thing. Profiting off a pandemic smh.

  4. Mr Bean being the mascot for the World Health Organisation, no irony there then! Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been in charge throughout the way they’ve dealt with it!

  5. Mr Bean, un tarado que se mandaba cagaso tras cagaso es un fiel representante de la OMS, y tampoco tiene gracia.


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