Mental Health Film Prize of the Health for All Film Festival: “Knock on my Door” from Jordan


Sham is a 25-year-old Syrian refugee who escaped from Syria after the war with her sister. She lives in a refugee camp where she has a panic attack and gets rushed to the hospital. Psychiatric nurses take her in charge and, with patience and skills, they find ways to cure Sham’s mental health.

Produced by nurses in The Specialty Hospital from Jordan (@myhospital), “Knock on my Door” won the Mental Health Film Prize of the inaugural Health for All Film Festival organized by the World Health Organization in 2020. This film production was managed by Dr Fawzi Al Hammouri, with Abdullah Haymour and Rania Al Shadeed from The Specialty Hospital.

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  1. Heart touching.
    Anyone who is suffering from stress, anxietty, depression or any other thing please be patient and strong. One day everything will be fine. You will conquer it one day. If you need any medical help please go ahead. Share your thoughts with your loved ones. God bless you. You are not alone.
    [P.S. : Everyone worked very well in the film but the subtitles can be improved they can’t be read due to same colors in the scene. Rest good work. keep it up and Thank you for making this. ]

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  4. good video. I have personally known someone close with a similar condition. its important to reduce the stigma on world mental health.


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