Outsmart COVID-19


These are the ways to outsmart COVID-19:

1. Governments: test, isolate & treat patients, trace & quarantine their contacts; inform, empower & listen to communities

2. Individuals: keep physical distance, #WearAMask, clean hands regularly & cough safely away from others

learn more here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

watch the entire press conference from 10 August 2020 here: https://youtu.be/pFt08Drqa4E


  1. Haha, we are the ones with the brains. Really made me laugh. I think we all can agree that recently many people were proving that they don’t. 😂

  2. Can coronavirus stay in pure soil and pure soil water? How long can live coronavirus in pure soil and pure soil water? Please search about that. Some of bacteria die quickly in pure soil. can’t live in pure soil. God created soil like that.

  3. Chutiya Bana Rahe hai … Corana is a biggest scam in medical world …. If a person go to do hospital and he dies they only say… Unfortunately the person died By corona …😅😂

  4. Computer has no brain but can outsmart human in many games. The reason is the memory the computer storing, but computer has no free will like human. Computer can do programmed task field but cannot do what is not programmed. If you know the virus program, i think you can outsmart the virus.

  5. you people should go to jail for what you did to the world, destroying peoples life, economy of every government around the world by pushing a fake pandemic from numbers coming from a man who was wrong all the time. changing your tunes all the time to fit your narrative. One day the truth will come out, always.

  6. The first step in confronting these viruses, corona and flu, is to dispense with the masks and social distancing because these viruses are already embedded in our environment. The next step is to pay close attention to the target population for symptoms to see if they need hospitalization. Those that are older with underlying conditions. Lastly, to develop a healthy diet and active lifestyle staying outside as long as possible because that where viruses are at their weakness and less likely to harm us if we do contract it. This is the solution to the “so called” pandemic. It’s rather simple.


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