President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting our Nation’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Supply Chain


The White House


  1. Unfortunately Perdue sold out. Now 4 companies control the chain, only 2 are American, the others are Brazilian. Disgrace

  2. Дональд, я посмотрел на ситуация под углом репатриантов, их можно отнести к беженцам из разных стран неудачников, в основном постсоветского пространства.
    Нетаньяху можно поддержать, беженцам нужно где то жить.
    И при то обменивать это на проведение гей парада это дурной тон, и совершенно не уместный. Это я не о тебе, а том дешевом мерзавце что был перед тобой, который опозорился, пленки с неудачником с Байденом гуляют по интернету курам на смех, он не кандидат он памятник несмываемому позору ЛГБТ представителя, памятник не состоявшего ЛГБТ диктатора.

  3. Hello from New Zealand. Proud to say I had some American oranges earlier picked up from my local supermarket, soooooo sweet and juicy!! Who would’ve thought? So thank you American farmers for feeding… the world I guess. Such a small world we live in! 👏👏👍

  4. President TRUMP’s actions are so Awsome, Good and Powerfull I’m hopeful of positive impacts here in Australia and across the world. You are my HERO Don and a True champion of the people.

  5. President Trump loves this country and knows how valuable our farmers are! God bless you farmers and God bless our nation and our wonderful President🦅🚜🇺🇸🔔

  6. President trump is wonderful leader for America trump 2020
    Biden look what president trump do for America and you and fake news always do crazy thing if I was you I will step down and support for president trump 2020

  7. Farming is a noble work. Thank you President Trump, again, again, again! You keep working to Make America Great Again.

  8. Dear lord, seriously! How on earth can an overweight ass clown in a cowboy hat get up and claim Trump has “provided unprecedented leadership to the world in this crisis”? Are these Americans this easily brought off? Or are they just that completely ignorant of whats going on outside of their immediate personal space that they don’t know what a complete joke Trump is on the world stage ?

  9. i think people needs more vegetables and fruits in their vdiets to fight diseases and Corola viruses.and vitamins b12.,, to, fight against the viruses.i don’t think they got strong body’s therefore They are not immune to the sickness the body can fight against the sickness.more vitamins b12. more. vegetable in your diets and fruits.

  10. I ❣️ this man!
    (Farmers are great people, just like our truckers. They’re the spine of country and that’s why the dumb DS went after them.)

  11. ByBL- Why, why, why did the Farmers jump the gun and just destroy crops, animals, etc. Perdue the Farmers have lost 1/2 of their net income, why?

  12. all that farm food going to waste- should never happen in this country. Thanks for coordinating this food distribution in spite of the state covid shutdowns!! !!! ivanka is awesome.

  13. President Trump, you are highly blessed, deeply loved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Love from Singapore 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


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