President Trump Holds a Press Conference


The White House


  1. GOD bless the DORN wont hear his name from the BULLSHIT MSM…FK THE dc mayor..let this town burn down..TRUMP 2020 ..LANDSLIDE

  2. Would love to see a day of celebrating America in D.C. for all of us Americans who have been to busy working and taking care of our families over the years. We have time now , I think the country needs an opportunity to celebrate family freedom and the love of our beautiful country!

  3. I absolutely love my Preaident. Keep up the great work bringing our country back from both plagues. The plague from China and the plague right here in our country coming from the left. This is the greatest country ever and now we have the greatest President ever.

  4. To control the opposition one must lead it
    Need to label freemason as a terrorist group along with Berkshire and Hathaway and all of its investors

  5. Even though Pres Trump continues to ignore Dr. Judy Mikovits, she continues to tell the truth, in direct opposition to the murderous Fauci, Redfield, Bilx, and the AMA and Big-Pharma Cabal. Dr. Judy Mikovits, please know that we recognize your incredible courage. God bless you.”

  6. I can’t believe how disrespectful these reporters are! Ugh stop inviting them. Allow people to see the Presidents words without the fakestream media’s bs interfering and spinning it and lying about your words.


  8. The media and the radical insane democrats will never give this guy a break, ever! Doesn’t matter what he says or does, so really hope he gets reelected to shove it in their faces!

  9. The insane left trying to blame President Trump for a racist Police officers horrible actions is just wrong. I remember this stuff happened under obama. Police are not trained properly, that’s obvious. No more killing of any Americans. No more hate and destruction.

  10. With COLLIN POWELL joining the TALK the TALK method of COVERT operations initiated by
    MAD DOG MATHIS and KELLY all retired generals you cannot help but remember TWO old movies entitled “SEVEN DAYS IN MAY”
    and “DR. STRANGELOVE”.

    In those movies…there were characters of generals who believes that duly elected PRESIDENT of the USA should not be given the RIGHT to be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

    In spite of the FACT that the US CONSTITUTION bestow that power to the US PRESIDENT.

    It’s a very dangerous precedent because the retired generals were acting like SUPREME COURT JUSTICES by saying that the incumbent PRESIDENT is violating the US CONSTITUTION.

    At the same time…they are openly encouraging the US MILITARY to launch a COUP D ETAT for a MILITARY take over of power and effectively turn the greatest DEMOCRACY on earth
    …into a “BANANA” REPUBLIC.

    It’s a good thing that the PRESIDENT of the RICHEST country in the WORLD and the Commander in Chief of the most POWERFUL Armed Forces in the UNIVERSE…DONALD J TRUMP is not a WEAKLING LEADER.

    TRUMP is a gallant FIGHTER who is not AFRAID to do BATTLE with
    retired generals.

    And at the same time…TRUMP had loyal supporters from the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS and the so-called DEPLORABLE AMERICANS who were ready to
    USED their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS to defend their duly elected PRESIDENT from retired generals who were encouraging the ACTIVE
    members of the US Armed Forces
    to launch a COUP D ETAT to grab
    power from the civilian PRESIDENT.

  11. Most affective President ever. Clearly. By the job numbers & amount of haters he’s doing a fantastic job. Thank you Sir. Looking forward to another 4 years of excitement and growth.

  12. “RV”! OMG, did he just announced worldwide currency reset/revaluation? Fed is dead and Nesara/Gesara is here 👏👏

  13. What happened to the 15 cases that were going to magically disappear? 110,000 dead – you are a total failure.

  14. Good grief! It’s impossible to follow his babble!! He changes topic, goes off track, and throws in so many repetitive words and phrases….its exhausting!
    “Fantastic…unbelievable…best in the world…incredible…best ever…like nobody’s ever seen…dominate…best numbers ever…great, great day…tens of billions…trillions…we made a great deal….stupid people….empty cupboards….China plague…I saved millions of lives……..”
    Must I go on?! His “lap dogs” are about to fall asleep!

  15. All the World’s government and administration is responsible for their good economy, good management and employments. But he failed in every aspect of his policies, his economy and to the Americans people. His lies and deceitful of his administration really could not handle every crisis, the pandemic and the uprising. U.S. really need to revive the economy or the world’s economy will be affected and all will fall apart like a broken pot. No wonder he will fall this November. Trump really no longer rule.

  16. Out of all the rambling…I get that he watches a lot of TV. That and taking a lot of undue credit for others hard work. “ Don’t be proud, get the job done” take your own advice sir…

  17. Would you believe we already got our ballots in Colorado!! Democrats are saying due to the virus Colorado is recommending mail in ballots!! This is JUNE 9th!! So tired of the lies, cover up, and demonstrations. We will not mail in our ballots! WWG1WGA

  18. I will only take this Covid vaccine is if Trump gets one . I don’t feel safe or trust right now . But I do believe in Trump He cares about ALL Americans. That’s my Opinion

  19. People should remember that none of Trump’s administration attended the “transfer of power” meetings provided by the previous administration (including many republicans). He totally disregarded the game plan for a pandemic infection hitting the world and the USA!!! He is so full of bullshit, he should be brown instead of orange. He has done nothing new to help America through natural disasters – he has the audacity and ignorance to reference a 1929 hurricane. Are you kidding me??? Our citizens have lost so much 401K money under his administration.

  20. OK your rambling on AGAIN …I cant wait till you get out of the WH with your REALITY STAR thinking and LIES!!!

  21. the first question is about Racisim SNORE! its like they didnt listen at all and were just waiting to ask thier brain dead questions.

  22. Why do people hate this President. ? Blinded by the fake news outlets that’s why. Trump delivered the policies he promised in 2016…the best business man ever to run the country.

  23. A wealthy white man saying there’s no racism in America… doesn’t get much more racist than that 🤷‍♂️

  24. Mr President , when you won ,we the people won. I thank God for you. …. The enteral God is our refuge and underneath is his everlasting arms. He will thrust out the enemy from before us and he will say ‘Destroy!! He will feed our enemies with their own flesh and they shall be drunk with rivers of their own blood. With the shield of his help and the sword of his majesty and the shield of his help. Out enemies shall submit to us and we shall thread down their high places. Then all the world shall know that the Lord is our savior The mighty one of Israel. Glory to the lamb of God. Thank you God for rasing up President Trump for such a time as this. Hip-hop hooray!!!!!

  25. Out economy is going to take off, higher than we ever been . Higher than eagles my friend. God created a genius when he created this man. He humbles his self before God. And the lord guides him

  26. Modern day global pandemic really unbelievable, that economically has rocked the world. 
    The market bounced back …looks positive hoping the rest of year really begins to look up for everyone in U.S. and around the world

  27. People say they are Christians but they don’t do what Christ said ‘love God with all your heart’ the second is ‘love your neighbor as yourself’! They focus on the parts that support their agendas rather than being obedient to Christ. He said if you love me obey my commandments. It’s not based on color, money, elitism but a love for Jesus!

  28. Not taking a vaccine that was pushed out this quickly. Nope not doing it. Especially if Bill Gates or Fauci’s hand’s are in it.


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