Vice President Pence Participates in Listening Session with Faith and Community Leaders


Beltsville, MD


  1. Sure , I want to hear about How can we heal the USA in Warmth , not about racism, violence , it is not the way to make you stronger , let us study about How to love the people from kindergarden as well as we can , please , It will be a big Autumn harvest gotten from What we pay , please!!!!!!!!!

  2. hope that there are no ‘Church for Black people ‘ , ‘church for Asian’ or something like separate …ect anymore in The USA, Because There will be White . Black. Brown. Yellow Americans to stay together with The Best culture in one of The USA to show the World , Because We are the same people in this small earth in this self- movement around Solar system right?

  3. Thank You VP Pence & Everyone , God Bless You All & I Pray For All The Ones That Were Out There Protesting , It Really Broke My Heart To See The Hurt In There Faces , As For The Looters Which Hurt The Buisness Owners & The Church , And I Pray For The Familys Who Have Lost Loved Ones , May You Find The Strength , God Bless You & God Bless America !

  4. Does George Floyd family agree with him being called a minority especially with so called heighten sensationalism, hmmmmm….around George death. Williams 1174

  5. This is a great talk. Particularly great insight from the gentleman who was an officer for 13 years. *Any home, school, or place of work where Christ is at the center is going to be a healthy place.* Anywhere in which Mammon is at the center is going to be destructive. Lord, more souls. Reconsecrate this nation to You! 🙏

  6. how are protestors getting away with not keeping covid social distancing and others who were sitting in parks were fined for not moving? Protests should only be allowed once we’re back to full release from social distancing.

  7. Remember in this life everyone, it’s not about you,and it’s not about me.Its about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the word of God, with everyone. And being a good Christian friend to all. I love each of you equally, all the way to Heaven.

  8. God bless MR. President Trump and his team all round America and all Americans for ever Amen Peace and love and harmony be there and a big success in prosperity Amen

  9. And at some point, perhaps, the reality that everyone else can see will dawn upon even The Occupant Of The White House: A president who needs to take shelter behind fences and barriers because he feels threatened by his own citizens is not their leader. He is their prisoner.

  10. I’m an American women, just need to give this quote I gave years ago. It is very much just as important today as it was back then. Here it is: I can’t even imagine ever living without our black brothers and sisters here in America. I love our ethnic groups.
    I do have a special love for our
    black brothers and sisters. It started in my first grade class, a great experience when I was 4 years old. Now, I’m grown up with that experience that gave me an insight to write about and to share with many people. I’m grateful and thankful for that first grade teacher and my class where I was the only Caucasian child. It taught me and has stayed with me through my life.

  11. I always listen to Mike Pence speeches on YouTube at x1.3 speed and Trump at a x1.25 speed. VP Pence has, shall we say a somewhat hesitant delivery. 🙂

  12. What are opportunity zones? Are they the same as no-go zones? For the record in my 50++ years I have only dealt with reverse discrimination from black schools, colleges, and jobs. Even when my mom was dying I got screwed over by their program ran by black and Spanish women. I can’t think of what it was called. They never provided help as promised. One and a half years after mom died they offered me that help. I am sick of being called hunky and cracka. Then Obama and Holder stole my home value under the Dodd Frank act. Poor White people always get screwed by all sides!

  13. 79 police officers MURDERED. $55 MILLION DAMAGE IN ONE CITY SO FAR! Democrat paid for coup! Staged with actors and communist!

  14. I would like to hear what the rest of these gentlemen had to say. Seems as if the video was cut short maybe? What I did hear were some excellent thoughts and ideas. I hope our country can continue the changes that have begun! United we are strong but divided we will fall. May God work to heal this nation.

  15. We will strive to form a more prefect union of The United States We can all do it if we put God at the Top of any issues USA

  16. OMG a man has been brutally murdered and they sit there and don’t even press this man with the racist overtones of this administration.
    Christians wake up and stop enabling this administration with the fake religious virtues of this president. Anyone but Trump 2020

  17. Thank you for having this meeting. I do wish that this meeting wasn’t rushed. We need to hear everyone’s voice. I hope that when the video was over everyone was able to speak and be heard. 
    This is a very important topic and many people are hurting and they need to get those messages out. 

    Thank you again for being open to listening to understand. This is a very smart administration that isn’t about talk but about action. Thank you for your meeting with law enforcement leaders to find solutions.

  18. Dr. King was “corporately anointed?” Where did that gentleman learn his facts about the Civil Rights Movement? I appreciated what he was saying until that point but Pence is never going to listen to actual people who are dealing with the “trigger happy policing” Marvin Gaye sang about. The best thing we can do is to get Trumpito, Pence and all their ilk out of government and actually start rebuilding this country over.

  19. Someone please make sure Vice President Pence is SAVED. Someone please make sure he has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior

  20. Vice President Pence in session with Faith & community leaders in Beltsville M D
    Justice for Mr George Floyd & Rest in Peace Mr George Floyd

  21. I join this time before the LORD…Father..bless the labor of these hands and hearts..bless this nation with Your Wisdom & love among the brethern

  22. Our people didnt put a criminal out front as icon from our people..We used our children’s future out all times…I work with all nationalities in the United States..almost all of them push for the best
    ..families are strong when parents believe in their children, strong discipline at home because families are focused.

  23. 1st presenter, kind of man.Solution Oriented..Ben Carson,
    PRICELESS.I remember 1st round.table with leaders brought sucessful long time successes..they were replicated THAT DAY!!


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