President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Hispanic Leaders


The White House


  1. Spanish culture hasn’t changed much in the past 100 years. Spain is still the most stupid country in terms of bloody and terrible bullfighting. For this reason, Spain is a disgrace to the world. Fortunately, Trump has passed a law that imposes severe penalties for cruelty to animals. Thanks Donald J. Trump! !

  2. Each system like finance banking health Pharma all are like programs and apps the problem is often not the programs but human greed and eroded values it’s sure a long process.

  3. The worldly working is termed maya in Bhagvatam. Maya is mother maya the divine seive which traps that which has flaws and lets the rest flow through to higher VIBRATIONS

  4. Excellent work Mr President God Bless you God Bless USA the best country in the world, in Jesus name, Amen

  5. Straight of the bat he says Hispanic people a very short comment, a more comprehensive opening statement would be more appropriate given the level of importance that these meeting involve, for the Hispanic communitys.


  7. i live in california i voted for you from the jump i mite be mexican but im american first my business is hurting i have troble reading and wrighting but im highly skilled im picking good item in my trash i have a hauling company but my truck cant be tags in cali so im riding drity untell they take my 2001 isuzu npr

  8. This’s the way the president Trump did his campaign by honoring the most important people in the country!

  9. Goya Ceo Unanue should be commended for his bravery against the vicious/nauseous cancel culture… Mr. T has your back!

  10. Not for nothing but this meeting is more profession and acceptable to as when Pelosi tyred to get the Hispanic Community Together and they were yelling at her and pelosi called Me A IT. This is well handled Thank You President Trum ✌😇💜🇺🇸 ST.JEN KEEPING PEACE

  11. I love Donald Trump so much and i love my Christian Latino Brothers and Sisters so much too, in Dear Handsome Jesus Name, Amen.

  12. HOW do we have a 5 month country wide shut down the man doesn’t piss, and then he signing off on the wall now this? Signs the estimulos Now… this HAS a HUGE significance.
    CUBA is sinking and the government has disappeared and so in Venezuela. NOTHING. the little stuff that gets in is sold in the streets. Every little girl is being sold into prostitution.
    WE must go back to Cuba Venezuela. We know now neither China or Russia will burp.
    This was chess playing at GOD level . Next We send the UN to go fish someplace deep
    and I can die a free man in the most wonderful chunk of land the LORD gave us to protect.
    and look at the allies !

  13. We Hispanics are part of America, and America is part of us. Let’s all get together and support President Trump and help him. Before, he was making America great again but now we all Hispanics or not, must Unite and help Him “Preserve America.” This is the greatest country on earth. Period. Let’s not loose it. “Que viva America, arriba Trump”..!

  14. Hotcool == Buddhist Arya Sinhala ( lion people of Sri Lanka)= greeting = AYUBOVAN – Wish all for long life + rebirth = happy B-day USA- The land of my second-birth = Mr. President Trump greatest speech on man’s achievement of freedom and equality and how to maintain it , this 4 of July is also Esala-full-moon-day –celebrated by Buddhist as the day Gautama Buddha started teaching the path to defeat all evil & suffering = may people learn to enjoy the blessing of freedom equality and the bliss of Nirvana = thank you

    Hotcool= dear Sirs/ Maams Since USA has already achieved freedom and equality and knows how to maintain it and since USA respect the Mahatma-Gandhi-Way achieved freedom and equality= rest of the worlds-people=who-seek freedom and equality should follow a path of smart-non-violence since the possibility of carry-over-effects-of-violent-behavior= good luck= thank you
    Hotcool = hate – negative cognitive bias-> violence [very bad for business]=?/?= compassion is positive cognitive cognitions -> smile [ good for business and for every–thing ]= thank you

  15. Hotcool =During my studies in the USA =I used to work as a waiter in the Mexican restaurant “Mama Ninfas” (1997-1998) in Clear Lake. TX, They are good people. Infect some of my work buddies help me during the initial stages of recovery for a deadly hit-and-run accident = peace = thank you


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