‘Wear A Damn Mask’: Gov. Jared Polis Urges Face Masks To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus


Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado is doing much better than many other states in controlling COVID-19, but we’re starting to slip.


  1. Look at that little prick try to run Colorado with an iron fist. Talk about throwing a fit. 😂😂😂 Colorado gonna have FEMA camps

  2. Research the 17 to 1 positive case counting method. Per 1 positive, they count 16 additional cases automatically. Even without health departments contacting these supposed 16 other people, they just assume the 1 case spread it and list them anyways. This policy was adopted June 20th, and since then, spikes have been occuring..But have they really? Also countless stories online about someones loved one being labeled Covid19 deceased, when the cause of death had nothing to do with it. Gun shot victims, suicides, car accidents, are being counted as Covid19. Reading the CARES act Congress passed, you can easily see that every single positive case, its $10k to the health department. For every ventilator used, its $39k. For every death and ventilator combo, its $80k. The states with the highest deaths, are also the most in debt. Could significantly help explain why not more was done to protect nursing homes. There isn’t a single excuse in the book you could give. I don’t care if a nursing home is fully equipped to quarantine patients. Which many weren’t. The nurses and caregivers are moving throughout the facility all day, and obviously would spread it from end to end. That’s common freaking sense. There’s a much larger reason why the media is pegging Covid at 500mph 24/7. Let’s just say there’s a plethora of massive federal and worldwide investigations ongoing, yet the courts are closed due to Covid. Hmm. The second Trumps impeachment failed, Covid came out the wood work. Is Trump hated for his policies, or his wildfire of investigations into what America and its leaders may or may not have been doing illegally for decades. On our dollar mind you. Pay very close attention to the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest. That story is huge yet being partially thrown under the rug. That will make more sense in the coming weeks to months. She said she has ammo and ready to list names to avoid maximum prosecution. Hollywood and certain world leaders are terrified.

  3. Have not and will not wear a mask unless i feel like it this is not china , this govenor and mayors are all Democrats do this besides texas bending knee ,,, fight for your rights Trump 2020!!!


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