President Trump Receives a SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 Launch Briefing


Cape Canaveral, FL


  1. Re: GFloyd manner of death…awful…. Counterfeit $20.00 bill? Where did that come from? Moslems hate Blacks… was Floyd set up? still other somethings hinckey about Cup Foods….  mosque in basement of Cup Foods 3759 Chicago ave S ????… also store has been raided red flags everywhere Samir Mahmoud Abumayyaleh is hiding something…??? No coincidences…. perhaps Mr.Floyd’s death wasn’t in vain…I’d have FBI check that basement…. and the extensive Samir Properties network…

  2. 1985 KING Thor Haakon Sandberg = 666.
    1985 KING Thor Haakon Sandberg – Half Mortal Child 1776 dark nr nine = 1776.

    Second Beast – OSLO King = 666.
    Second Beast – OSLO King – Half Mortal Child 1776 dark nr nine = 1776.

    SECOND BEAST – Kill for GREAT BEAST 1776 dark nr nine = 1776.

    Thor Haakon: America empire = 666.
    Thor Haakon: America empire – Half Mortal Child 1776 dark nr nine = 1776.

    Thor Haakon: Horned legion = 666.
    Thor Haakon: Horned legion – Help his Anti Christ = 1776.
    The madness 😉 Have a nice day.

  3. Ree Drummond the so called pioneer woman is a transgender and also the 23rd largest land owner in the USA in cahoots with the Blm

  4. get a democrat in office it will all be rolled back again as will the military and space force so they can increase and fund more social programs

  5. Space X is a scam.
    If you don’t think so, go look up how many rockets they’ve re-used. Answer: 0.
    Musk is a con-man. Trump should dis-avow this loser.

  6. I believe President Trump should go to GEORGE FLOYD Funeral Services. If the family can’t afford the Funeral services it Should be the City of Minneapolis that fully pays for it. Them officers killed him. And Petal’Ms Mayor Hal Marx Should be Charged with hate speech on what he posted on Twitter and Facebook.

  7. Mission Possible Yyaayy. GOD bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and all American people. GOD bless Sir Donald j Trump- Elon Musk. And all the Billionaire of United States of America.

  8. Youtube is sweating all over, my phone drips when I open the app. YouTube’s truth sucks because their narrative doesn’t follow the truth but rather than progressive ideology!!!

  9. She said nothing because she cannot even pronounce “rocket”. She would probably pronounce it “rock-eeet”

  10. The Hawaiian Flag isnʻt mine or yours it belongs to the founder of the Hawaiian Kingdom government Kamehameha I the Hawaiian Kingdom government that was illegally overthrown. The colonizerʻs de facto administration government is illegally improperly using the Hawaiian Kingdom flag concealing 127 years of continuing injustice purporting to be just. You work for the unjust entity and you advocated for the improper use of the Hawaiian Kingdom flag after my expert recommendation, therefore you made the conscious choice to assist the colonizer to continue to conceal 127 years of injustice. Iʻm not surprised the colonizer turns the best of us for example Aila. Fight for truth and justice for all Hawaiians or be a Hawaiian colonizer for the Hawaiian colonizing arm OHA of the illegal entity. It is rather simple. and no, no, no, there is a big difference working in a school and your position in OHA that OHA is using you for. Itʻs unfortunate when your friends point out this hihia you lash out at them. Why isnʻt OHA suing Bank of America for their 150 million obligation to Hawaiian Homesteaders? Why isnʻt OHA supporting the response from Dr. Crabbeʻs letter in 2014? Why does OHA continue to support Federal recognition after many failed attempts? Why is OHA stealing money from the 1920 HHCA? I am George Floyd! I am Mabel Pine! I am Kekahuna! I am Kauhiahiwa! I am Kaululaau! I am Nailiili! I am Papa! I am Kauwe! I am Hueu! I am Keaweikekahialiiokamoku! I am Ahuula! I am Kaiana! I am Puakou! I am Kaai! I am Haina! I am Liliuokalani! Stop colonizing my relatives and those who passed before me! Invert the Hawaiian Kingdom flag!

  11. TO HELL WITH ———>> DARK GREAT BEAST = 1776.
    Opening up America king = 666.
    Opening up America king – TRUMP Great Beast dark lord = 1776.

    Gematria, America the killing name = 666
    Gematria, America the killing name – TRUMP Great Beast dark lord = 1776.

    Blasphemous child king = 666.
    Blasphemous child king – TRUMP Great Beast dark lord = 1776.


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