Creation of the WHO Foundation


WHO welcomes the creation of the WHO Foundation, an independent grant-making entity headquartered in Geneva, that will support our efforts to address the most pressing global health challenges.

The WHO Foundation will provide funds to WHO & partners to deliver on the Organization’s “triple billion” goals:

– protect 1 billion people from health emergencies
– extend universal health coverage to 1 billion people
– assure healthy lives & wellbeing to 1 billion people by 2023

To help broaden WHO’s donor base and achieve more sustainable/predictable funding, the Foundation will facilitate contributions to WHO & trusted partners from:
– general public
– individual major donors
– corporate partners

Full press conference:
More information:


  1. Covid-19 came from USA. USA must pay for it. USA had Covid-19 since early of year 2019 but they call it flu. Only China found the truth and save the world. China should be the leader of the whole world. I’m proud of my country. China do the best.

  2. More first class flights, 5 star restaurants and luxury hotels for Tedros and the WHO. Please donate generously.

  3. Why is this crook still in his job? The WHO should not get one more cent till he’s gone! He’s getting plenty of money from china anyway!

  4. Supporting WHO to set up their own funding. US is a bully even trying to meddle scientists findings. 195 countries on this planet, US can go and work alone cause they have started too many unnecessary wars. Is time for US to reflect on their evil deeds

  5. Translation”We’re not getting US money anymore so, now we gonna get money from you , the plebe, suites in 5 star hotels costs a lot you know…”

  6. WHO is just a satellite organization of CCP. It’s obvious that U.S terminated the funding. There’s no independent stance in this corrupted organization.

    WHO: Worthless Health Organization

  7. I feel really sorry for WHO, honesty doesn’t count…. work as the puppet of hegemon and you will live a glory for eons, stand by the truth and see how you crumple into pieces. Comeon this organisation is for transparency and not taking sides or validating. I can’t believe this world has been so unfair and cruel…

  8. WHO 🖕 can not be trusted , they corrupted and crooked , they are CCP’s puppy WHO stand for
    Wuhan Hell Organization.

  9. WHO is a corrupt organisation and are a big cause of all the death and the biggest financial crash in history. When Taiwan wanted to warn the world WHO ignored it because of China. WHO did not enter China to investigate the source and data of the virus. Why is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus still working in the organisation? It only shows how big the corruption is! WHO is controlled by the CPP so why should anyone help with funding? More countries is going to follow and leave that corrupt cash cow organisation.

  10. Trump is right !! you guys are responsible for spreading this virus !! why were you taking so much of money from the world if you can not tc of this panedemic …Wrong leadership in WHO !!

  11. Remove this Leaders or Countries will not donate but withdraws in this corrupt Organization. WHO lost its credibility. Soon UN will also follow. Beware..


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