Secretary Perdue: President Trump loves farmers



  1. Trump has lost my vote!! We can’t even get produce and we live in a rural area! Why? Because everything is being trucked to the cities!

  2. We need to get some trucks to those Dairy Farms to Collect the Milk they are having to throw away & get it sent to Butter & Cheese making Facilities until things get better!! Put it in Cans & make Powdered Milk!!
    Just trying to help!!
    Thank you Mr. Perdue!! 😉

  3. Thanking God for President Trump. There’s no other man who could do more for our great country. Praying for him, his family and the Pence family.

  4. I know HE does, but are YOU being straight with him? We do not need more imported beef, we need the processing of American Grown beef to be done, not forcing our ranchers to go under to benefit the large multi-national corporate farms and ranches.


    It seems to me that people do not recognise the signs of what is really happening.

    They do not understand what CR meant when he spoke about using the opportunity to bring about Radical Economic Empowerment.

    Here are some thoughts of what I see is busy happening:

    1. A substantially large percentage of medium size businesses are one-man businesses in the hands of Whites, especially those in the hospitality industry. They are going bankrupt.

    Only Black-owned businesses are being assisted by government.

    Mboweni was very clear and specific that the gaps being left will be filled by new entrepreneurs.

    Keep the economic tap closed long enough and you will force millions of Whites to become beggars; simultaneously opening up opportunities for BEE and the Chinese comrades to fill those gaps.

    2. Property prices in middle class suburbs will collapse drastically. Effectively people will be unable to keep up with their bond repayments in the long term and will lose their houses.

    With the result: many houses in middle class areas will go to auction and become available for government’s housing and spatial integration plan.

    3. Discussions about EWC has already affected farm land negatively. Droughts also have many white farmers on their knees.

    Now, farmers are not even allowed to patrol in order to protect their livestock and harvest.

    In many parts of the country theft is rife and farmers suffer huge losses as result. It will drive farm land prices even lower, resulting in many a farmer forced off their land.

    Only small emerging farmers are and will be assisted by government. Mboweni specified that new emerging farmers will be settled on available land.

    4. The wine industry, together with the liquor industry, is being forced on its knees by the prohibition on exporting of wine and selling of liquor.

    The value of wine farms, presently priced at astronomical amounts, will also drop drastically, thereby putting the whole industry within reach of BEE.

    5. The construction industry was already very deep in trouble prior to the Lock Down.

    Many construction business will not re-open. Schools have been destroyed, thereby creating new construction work. This will be allocated to BEE.

    6. By the time that Lock Down will be phased out and the economy opens up again, load-shedding will be reintroduced, with the result of strangling the last life out of people’s dying businesses.

    7. Without any income, private aviation companies like Comair will not survive long. Keep them grounded long enough and they will go bankrupt.

    That creates a monopoly for the State’s SAA.

    Is that why the decision was made to not shut down SAA?

    Is that why the government and the Unions held a meeting without the Business Rescuers and decided to start a new streamlined aviation service?

    8. Are we going to see an increase in state owned corporations and businesses like in China, rather than privatising state owned entities? I think yes.

    9. The mobile phone industry has been permitted to carry on uninterrupted. During this time the sale of data and related products probably skyrocket.

    We are being conditioned to a life that is being controlled by the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Whilst the virus has hardly affected China, it has brought the USA almost to its knees.

    Trump wanted to block Huawei, while CR accused him of being short-sighted.

    Will we for instance see Huawei taking over Apple? Like so many of the Italian key businesses are already in Chinese possession?

    To me it seems like COVID-19 has fallen like a ripe apple in the laps of the ANC and other powers to force through socialistic restructuring that they could not have achieved in any other manner.

    (Originally posted by Roelof Venter) it seems the opposite may be happening in SAfrica

  6. South Carolina is back to work, but I am afraid the DemonRat-controlled states won’t open until after the November election.

  7. Please stop the destruction of food and food animals now. Executive order to keep these products in production.

  8. As a small family dairy farmer I can honestly say that President Trump couldn’t care less about us.


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