Self-care interventions for health


Self-care interventions for health can transform health systems and accelerate progress to advance universal health coverage (UHC). This approach views people as powerful decision-makers in their own health, promoting autonomy and agency within a supportive health care system. WHO’s first consolidated guideline on self-care interventions for health acknowledges the critical importance of self care in transforming health care delivery, including during pandemics.


  1. Maybe just maybe….why dont we use Ginger tea to cure Coronavirus. Or we can give people flu, because apparently flu replicates faster than the virus. And influeanza already has a vaccine

    Hey,I’m no doctor. Maybe I’m wrong.😅I’m just a 13 year old girl who thought..maybe.

    Who knows? This might or might not work. But let’s ‘Hope for better days’

  2. Number one never take chemical pharmaceuticals and two never believe anything these crooks say. Expose the plandemic


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