Sharing COVID-19 experiences: The New Zealand response


In response to community transmission of COVID-19, New Zealand implemented a range of measures to contain the virus, including extensive testing, contact tracing and clear and consistent communications to the public. On 8 June 2020, the government reported that there was no more active transmission of the virus in the country but stressed that it needed to remain vigilant. This video tells the story of New Zealand’s response. More information:


  1. Lock all countries for a while!!!!!!!!! Some people dont listen so we should lockdown the whole world for a while.

  2. NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern displayed a great example of a great leader who cares for her constituents with compassion. This leadership save thousands of lives by rapidly testing all possible infected individuals and isolating confirmed cases. I hope other world leaders would do the same by gaining the trust from its citizens so the people will follow their government policies while showing compassion.


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