Suicide prevention: interview with Klas Bergling, father of DJ Tim Bergling aka Avicii


During this very candid interview, Klas Bergling, father of DJ, musician and producer Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, speaks about his son’s life and work, the factors that led to his tragic suicide and the work of the foundation that he has set up with his wife and their family in his son’s name.

The interview was recorded for WHO’s Big Event on Mental Health, broadcast on 10 October, World Mental Health Day, 2020.

More information on suicide prevention:


  1. I hate the idea if suicide presentation. More ppl should commit suicide . Life is a disease and if one only had the brain to contemplate the uselessness of their degenerate lives they would be glad to die and be done with it. Life is not a party and not worth the suffering

  2. I’m learning to live with it, I nearly lost my daughter, my husband and my buddy died a month apart, I’ve self medicated with thc, and I try to balance distraction with facing my reality. I owe no one anything, I do my greiving in my own way on my own time. My friend Trina lost her son the same weekend 911 hit, She called me, after disconnecting her son from life support, the raw anguish I can’t describe, parenting is both the most arduous job on the planet, at the same time the most enriching and fulfilling. My kids put the meaning in my life, I don’t know where you are at, me I’m getting somewhere, a day at a time, my joys are returning, life is different, fortunately for me I have a grandchild, and life goes on, life is relentless that way. Thankyou for all you do with your foundation. My children used to love to whine, ‘life isn’t fair’ no sometimes it really sucks. I wish I had something really profound to say to you, I feel you.


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