The COVID-19 Technology Access Pool


A collective approach to ensuring global access to COVID-19 vaccines, medicines and other technologies.

The COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP) will compile, in one place, pledges of commitment made under the Solidarity Call to Action to voluntarily share COVID-19 health technology related knowledge, intellectual property and data. The Pool will draw on relevant data from existing mechanisms, such as the Medicines Patent Pool and the UN Technology Bank-hosted Technology Access Partnership. Shared knowledge, intellectual property and data will leverage our collective efforts to advance scientific discovery, technology development and broad sharing of the benefits of scientific advancement and its applications based on the right to health.

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  1. WHO needs to call for a permanent end to live-animal markets, now!

    Live-animal markets (wet markets) sell live and dead animals and exist all around the globe, with more than 80 in New York City alone.
    At these markets, the cages are stacked one over another. Animals at the bottom are often soaked with all kinds of liquid. Animal excrement, pus, blood. Such conditions allow viruses to spread from one animal to another as well as to humans who come into contact with them. All such markets are potential breeding grounds for zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19, SARS, and MERS.


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