V.P. Mike Pence Unveils Electric Truck at Lordstown Motors



  1. Wow…this is cool. You guys need to get his out more. Think of how many truck people would love to see an electric option:)

  2. Unlike Sleepy Joe, he got the state’s name correct and was coherent! Even in a recorded promotion, Sleepy Joe can’t do that 🙂

  3. how many of these will be on our vessel for that overtly delayed ocean skipper fun where we will triour best to try pests patience. Unlock the fucking door yourself or just ask the guy at the desk to ring you up. We do have a phone here just for that one very purpose.

  4. I am an investor in Workhorse Group who owns 10% of Lordstown Motors and who’s technlogy is behind this. I urge all to look into the stock WKHS who will be the next major player in EV and thank the White House who have helped make this all happen.

  5. I just want to know why Black Entertainment award show is not labelled racist why are they going to have the black v posted all over the stage with everybody that’s got that’s old enough remember that is a symbol for the Black Panthers but you get warm white man the residence Fest in says white power is labeled a racist. And why are they worried about him you get hear it in his voice that he was scared.

  6. abolish the DPF scam, reduce digital and over computerised parts. end planned obsoletness and phony reasons to increase the sticker price. bring back the 7.3 L V8 SUPER DUTY no trubo neccesary AND bring back the ONE MILLION MILE Mack trucks. this is a vannity truck and will not make america great. just moving money around. real work isnt done with this truck. electric cars are not the future. this is not the real deal. elecric cars are all a scam. SUCKER!

  7. Before we start encouraging everyone to buy electric vehicles why don’t our local governments start using them first? School busses. Ambulances. Delivery trucks. Etc. they should all be electric before every citizen starts buying them.


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