WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Continues the Call to Action to Eliminate Cervical Cancer


In a special video message for the 33rd International Human Papillomavirus Conference, Dr. Tedros reminds attendees that it is indeed possible to eliminate cervical cancer.

“We now have the evidence and tools that show it can be done. Vaccination. Screening. Treatment. Palliative care. We cannot cherry-pick. We must pursue them all,” says Dr. Tedros.

The International Human Papillomavirus Conference (IPVC 2020) was held on 20th July – 24th July 2020.

Learn more: https://www.who.int/health-topics/cervical-cancer


  1. This organisation is turning into a tragic circus. Their stupidity and arrogance knows no bounds. YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT, NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD FROM YOUR DEMONIC MOUTHS.

  2. A wonderful proposal from WHO. Under privileged women suffer from cervical cancer throughout the world.They need the help from WHO.👍🏼

  3. Chop ma chudi……this channel only delete comments…. shameless people…I wonder how you people go to sleep every night. Don’t you feel the pain that due to your negligence lakhs of people died not only because of the desease but also due to economic collapse

  4. PLEASE change your name to

    You are not promoting Health. You are promoting Disease Control.

    There are already reliable medical records of most of the around 50% of all chronically diseased individuals in modern society.

    Let us focus on those already vulnerable ones amongst us, and also educate the rest, so as to prevent further disease.
    Let us all work together in a sustainable manner, to restore as many of these, as we can back to health;.
    through the establishment of – a worthy of the name
    – legitimate – World Health Organisation. To educate people about healthy lifestyle choices and the prevention and onset of – unnecessary – diseases and the resultant indiscriminate use of harmful pharmaceuticals in our society.

  5. One of the biggest liar in the world who?
    Answer is tedros I don’t why people believe on him. Tedros role in WHO only like puppet.


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