WHO prescription for a healthy & green COVID-19 recovery


WHO prescription for a healthy and green COVID-19 recovery:
🌱Protect nature
🚰Invest in essential services
💡Ensure a quick healthy energy transition
🥦Promote healthy, sustainable food systems
🏙Build healthy, liveable cities
❌Stop using taxpayers’ 💸 to fund pollution


  1. Keep yourself distancing, and practise groom hygiene standard daily. Covid19 has taught humans a lot. Let learn and fight together. Although it made sadness for humankind, but it also heal and save our planet. God bless!

  2. Now the W.H.O is pushing political far-left soclialist globalist policies. And I thought they were a health organisation?

  3. You all are just a punch liers and you sold out with bill gates.. You dont care about the health of the people. We have hydroxicloroquina so we dont will accept your vaccines we take hydroxicloroquina but thanks you are all corupt and murders. And you should all go to chail. For attacken human rights and mass manipulation and lieyng to the hole world. Human rights violation.


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