WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19 – Vaccine myths vs science


WHO’s Dr Katherine O’Brien busts some vaccine myths related to infertility, DNA and composition of vaccines in this week’s Science in 5.


  1. خلال اشهر وجدتم علاج لفيروس كورنا وشلل الاطفال عامات وسنين لم تجدو علاج لهذا المرض وانا مصاب بشلل اطفال بالطرف السفلي الايمن وابلغ من العمر 54 عاما اهب نفسي للتجارب العلمية لهذا المرض

  2. Words from WHO are always right, if they are found to be wrong, Specialists will make an amendment and they will be right again

  3. Thank you Dr Katherine O’Brien and WHO. It is so important that we all have access to reliable healthcare information to protect our own health and the health of others, and that we are protected from harmful misinformation.

  4. ‘Can you please explain the science and evidence?’.
    Didn’t hear anything other than ‘there is no truth to these rumors. There is no way it can do this.’
    If that’s science I’m in the wrong profession!! Damn.

  5. I got my first covishield vaccination thanks to our government..my question is how long does this vaccination work or will be effective?

  6. نطلب منك المساعدة لدينا نعاني صعوبة المعيشة
    انا في دولة الجزائر🇩🇿
    لم يقدم لنا كا اجانب اي مساعدة
    انامن اليمن 🇾🇪

  7. First off (and no I am not an anti-vaxxer-very much a believer in Science.) The W.H.O. took Chinese money, namely Tedros, to look the other way when this Virus escaped the Wuhan Lan. Then they covered it up. Then the W.H.O. did NOTHING to stop the spread when it was still stoppable. They delayed in calling it a pandemic when it already was. They are NOT addressing the over 200 people who have died after getting the vax, blaming it on being elderly and unable to handle the side effects or those who died under 40 as just Random sudden cardiac deaths. No thanks, I will trust NOTHING W.H.O. says till Tedos is gone and its been completely restructured. Someone else can have my vax, for now. I’ll follow Dr. John Campbell for REAL info, not the idiotic W.H.O. Good luck all!!!

  8. You can tell she’s lying. First of all, she’s lying about being a woman. That’s a transgender man. Second then stammering….um..ah….fukn lier

  9. Covid 19 was developed scientifically. I understand the scientific development took place in a laboratory in a University in Wuhan in China. Other Countries e.g. USA sponsored the process. Why was no treatment drug developed along side this initial creation? This appears to be lack of beneficial judgment.

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  11. Does mRNA change the DNA in your cells? Which cells are its target and to what extent? How do you measure the resultant “immunity”? How do you measure any permanent effects?
    Why were the drug companies reluctant to release mRNA vaccines prior to the “big money” and liability protection?

  12. You mentioned quality control of vaccine contents at the manufacturing site. mRNA can be fragile such that a broken mRNA code does not guide cells to make full-length virus protein antigen. What quality control is conducted at the injection site to assure that what people get is still effective in eliciting the expected immunity?

  13. No is word which is using for create prohibition or bigger sentences which have shows like subject is not. Absolutly can not be use as Yes.

  14. What a load of patronising sh1t. Where was the science and evidence??? These vaccines could not possibly have been tested to the full extent of them being safe. That takes YEARS!!! What a joke.

  15. The scientific way is to give references to the research, which proofs the statement. This conversation is not a science but an unproved opinion of the particular person.

  16. You know there is people dying everyday cause they cant afford their medicine…… every single day…… after day…… after day;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  17. es falso, lo que dice siempre una vacuna tiene efectos secundarios. Vencer al COVID ES sencillo solo se necesita disciplina, templanza y perseverancia y yo le digo ninguna enfermedad padecerá.

  18. Hiv medicine free yet? Have you googled the patents to curing aids and cancer or mr gallo? that death toll just gonna keep rising 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  19. Have they not travelled in the land so that they should have hearts with which to understand, or ears with which to hear? For surely it is not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts which are in the breasts.

  20. you obviously forgot t the Pthalidomyde scandal. you don’t know if they are safe or not you blonde liar. Pthalidomide said it was safe. The pharmaceutical industry is just trying to sell it’s rubbish chemical crap. With lies of course. George orwell proved in his book “1984”. Facts can be changed by those in power. The last video I watched was a FaceTime video after a message by text saying call me now from mother to daughter. The FaceTime video was on NBNC news. It showed the whole video of the mother unconscious (so how could she text her daughter to call her immediately?), And the thumbnail of the daughter talking FaceTime. However, FaceTime does not save as a video clip to your camera roll. It’s just a video call. So how the hell did the daughter who had a dying mother with covid, Who send an SMS saying I’m dying call me immediately, and when she immediately calls, the woman is completely unconscious. She could not have typed the SMS in that state. But the final proof is that speaking per FaceTime, should not appear as a video clip. The only way to do that is to set up a screen recording before you begin the FaceTime call. You wouldn’t do that with an emergency SMS from your dying mother saying “call me now”The Covid vaccine it’s just a money maker. I remember the Pthalidomide scandal, And it began with people like this woman claiming it is safe. When did up with millions of babies being born with no eyes no Ayres no arms and no legs. All I could do was talk. Basically human sausages. Piss off with your virus you will stick that needle in me over my dead body only. I will kill anybody who tries to stick that needle in me

  21. bollocks pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with the world health organization making millions between the CEOs. You people don’t give a shit about those down on the street

  22. Contact tracing started before covid its just an excuse to cover your butt🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  23. Stockpiling hiv medicine with commercials is not cool especially after shutting down every gay industry and small businesses 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  24. Peons of Earth, stop asking questions and just do what our China overlords tell you to do. Oops I mean listen to the WHO and their “science”.


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