World Blood Donor Day 2020


Safe blood saves lives, but many people across the world have little or no access to blood transfusion.

That is why blood donors are a precious resource and why we are celebrating them on 14 June, World Blood Donor Day.

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  1. Don’t post such videos…people may end up avoiding blood donation since no one believes in WHO and your Chinese puppet Dr. Tedros anymore 🤣🤣🙌🏻R.I.P W.H.O 💐 you made the world unhealthy 👍🙌🏻👏😔

  2. Thrice upon a time was a blood donor. Since diagnosis of a genetic immunodeficiency- CVID; have had to infuse weekly henceforth with blood serum product to try to regain health. Thank y💖u to all who for their efforts to take time to give others a chance to thrive– to live. 🙌🙏


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